Fill My Cup, Lord

boob-fund-money-box-3Princess Jesus Boobies is back in the news again (I think she alternates days with Sarah Palin so that we don’t overload on unemployed failed beauty queen news stories) and it seems that St. Carrie of the Perkified Areola has some stuff that the California pageant people want back:

Deposed beauty queen Carrie Prejean still owes $5,200 for breast implants floated by pageant organizers in January, a new lawsuit claims.

Ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean stiffed pageant organizer K2 Productions even though she requested the surgery “to be more competitive” at the April 2009 Miss USA pageant and verbally agreed to repay the K2 loan, a complaint filed yesterday states.

Prejean was stripped of her crown June 10 for alleged contract violations.

Fox adds:

The lawsuit also claims she failed to repay money K2 Productions advanced to her to pay for breast augmentation surgery, and that she lied about a set of semi-nude photos of her that surfaced in the media after the Miss USA controversy.

Prejean allegedly told Miss California director Keith Lewis that the semi-nude photos were taken when she was a minor and that there were “no other photos.” But the countersuit claims that the photos were taken when Prejean was around 21 years old, and it mentions another set of photos that later surfaced on TMZ.com.

“If that were not enough, K2 is informed and believes that there are additional photos of Ms. Prejean, yet to be published (and which K2 has not yet seen), that are even more graphic than the photos described that have been published in the news media,” the suit stated.

Lewis told Foxnews.com that the organization has “received confirmation from multiple extremely reliable sources that additional photographs and video exist that are even more graphic and explicit than those currently published.”

Prejean’s lawyer, Charles Limandri, told Foxnews.com that they have “no idea” what the defendants are referring too in their claims of having racy photos and possible footage of the former beauty queen.

“We don’t know what they’re talking about,” Charles Limandri said. “It is highly unprofessional and irresponsible to mention photos that haven’t even (sic) seen yet.”

Based upon that non-denial denial, I’m guessing that Carrie hasn’t been very upfront with her attorney about her nakey for dollars history. On the other hand, $5200 shouldn’t be that difficult for Prejean to raise (Psalm 37:21: “The wicked borrows and does not pay back, but the righteous is gracious and gives.”) even if they have to pass the plate in church while she gives her “I’m Opposite Married To Jesus In My Heart” testimony.

They could call it Tithing for Tiths.

That would be so awesome.

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