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Sunday Morning Giggle: We’ve got “a Rep” for that.

As a Canadian, I find the US political system to be a challenge at time and others, well, down right giggly. One of my bigger problems is keeping track of the players. And since I'm a geeky type of person having it in an easy format, like say an iPhone/iTouch app, would be ideal. I've gotten to know some thanks to Rachel Maddow's show and the segment TMI. But it would be nice to have a list of some sort that can tell me who the hypocrites are, the gay-bashers, etc.  

And then I came across this. I couldn't help but laugh. Someone has done it. I actually wouldn't mind having an iPhone/iTouch app like this. It'd be easy to remember who I was having issue with given there are so many republicans that just seem to be a few cards short of the full deck at times. The actual creator has a webpage that details information about each of the listed reps, as well, for those of us who are not so US politico savvy.



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