Phils-Dodgers: Game 3

Cliff Lee! The most important pitching trade of the year! Who’da thought, right? But you saw what he did against the Rockies in NLDS Game 1: complete game; one earned run; six hits; five walks; oddly, no Ks. And then in Game 4: seven innings pitched; one earned run (two more would score); three walks; 5 strikeouts. His career numbers against the Dodgers? Wayyyy too low a sample size. Faced them in one game; threw seven innings; gave up six hits; one earned run; walked one; K’d 3.

On the hill for the Dodgers is Hiroki “Fuck You Victorino” Kuroda. Didn’t face any Cardinals, but in his three appearances against the Phils, he’s thrown 19 innings and given up two earned runs off six hits; walked five; and struck out 17. Impressive stuff, but all eyes are going to be on the first time he faces Shane Victorino, whose head Kuroda threw above last year– oh, sorry, his grip “slipped.”

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman