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Hemp Farmers Arrested at DEA -and Green Festival

A dear friend who was one of the original founders of Co-op America now called Green America just sent me this you tube video. Quite the message. Legalizing the growing of hemp is long long over due.

Video clip of hemp arrest

Link below

By the way if you have never attended one of the incredibly well organized Green Festival events you are missing out. Hundreds of Vendors selling their green products, as well as solar,wind and insulation companies etc etc. The speaker lists at these events is well worth the $15.oo a day or you can volunteer and attend for free. At the most recent event in D.C. Cornell West, Amy Goodman, David Orr, Ralph Nader, Netta and Maya (two young refuseniks from Israel and so many others spoke.

One of the Green Fest is coming up in San Francisco very soon

Well worth the time

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