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Bill Gates And The World Bank’s Plan To Eradicate Polio In Nigeria Is An Epic Fraud

Bill Gates and the World Bank had a great idea: Eradicate Polio in Nigeria and the rest of the world. This would be corporate medicine at its best. The Pharmaceutical companies have the capability to provide tens of millions of doses of polio vaccine, necessary for vaccinating tens of millions of children. The situation in Nigeria was becoming an international health emergency. Nigeria was a source of polio to other countries.

Vaccine manufacturers have had very prosperous times, with threats of biowarfare attacks, providing generous government contracts. The Pharmaceuticals had to make millions of doses of vaccine for the 2005 Bird Flu threat. The “Swine” flu of 2009 has required the production of tens of millions of doses of vaccines. A deal between the World Bank and Bill Gates and the Pharmaceuticals is a natural. Multi-national corporations joining together without government interference, for a worthy cause.

Nigeria is about twice the size of California in area, with a population about four times that of California, an estimated 150 million. But they do not necessarily have an accurate census. This is the most populated African country and it has more than its share of problems. But it also trying to catch up with the “modern world” such as it is. Nigeria has websites, bloggers, soccer teams, television soap operas, a Senate and House of Representatives, and an Army, Navy and Air Force. An estimated million Nigerians have emigrated to the United States.

Nigeria’s history is messy except when it becomes genocidal. English is the official language, because Nigeria was part of the British empire until 1960, when it gained independence. It has a diverse population of 250 different tribal peoples. The Southern part of the country has Christian influences. The Northern part of the country is Islamic, with Sharia Law and where slavery was legal until 1936. The “Boko Haram” have attempted to impose Sharia, and recently fought a small war with Government forces. Religious fanatics on both sides have committed atrocities, with children frequently being victims. Half the population is rural and mainly poor. But Nigeria does have Oil.

One of the greatest problems of Nigeria is its Oil. They have more than they can use since they do not have an interstate highway system. More than 10% of the foreign Oil, we greedy consumers burn up comes from Nigeria. Nigeria gets plenty of our petro dollars, about half of Nigeria’s Oil production goes to us. But unlike Saudi Arabia, Nigeria did not use its Oil revenues to finance the 9-11 attacks. This Oil wealth has helped breed military dictatorships, rebel insurgent groups. and wide spread corruption. Of course the Oil Companies have also caused lots of corruption, in the United States and in that Other Country of Texas.

Bill Gates, multi-billionaire owner of Microsoft, discovered Nigeria in 2007. But apparently Nigeria had not discovered Bill Gates. Gates’ Nigerian visa initially was denied. This was a good excuse for snarky bloggers to have some fun. Not everyone thinks Microsoft operating systems are funny. But Gates does have the OS monopoly and $50 Billion.

windows 98…shame on you
windows Me…shame on me
windows vista…GTFO of our country

Gates had to prove he was not a financial deadbeat before Nigeria would let him visit. His bank had to write a letter for him to get admitted to the country. Gates personal fortune is only about a third of Nigeria’s GDP. Nigeria ranks 38th in Gross Domestic Product, the value of all goods and services produced in a year.

“Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, today said that if Nigeria capitalizes on commitments made by state and federal governments, it can eradicate polio.” Why polio? Because Gates is a humanitarian. Because Gates cares about the children. Because Gates gets positive publicity. Because Gates had a sweet deal to pay for 100 million doses of “live” OPV polio vaccine. Gates worked with the World Bank. The World Bank is an organization of humanitarian international bankers who care about the poorest children in Nigeria. At least they care when the Gates Foundation helps the bankers “eradicate” an otherwise bad loan. The Rotary International and the UN also were part of this, let us say a genuine attempt to fight the terrible disease, Polio.

The Gates Foundation also finalized a $25 million agreement with the World Bank to support the purchase of more than 100 million doses of oral polio vaccine (OPV) in Nigeria. The agreement stipulates the Gates Foundation will “buy down” a World Bank loan to the Nigerian government to support polio eradication efforts. Relief of the loan is triggered when Nigeria achieves certain polio program milestones within the next three years, such as attaining 80 percent vaccine coverage in each state. Rotary International and the UN Foundation have also used this innovative financing mechanism for vaccine purchase in Nigeria.

Nigeria does have a relatively large number of polio infections numbering in the hundreds of children. In the Islamic part of the country especially there is a resistance to the vaccination program. This provides at least a small area with a permanent population of polio infections. The lack of effective sanitation just makes the eradication of any infectious disease, quite difficult.

Lagos — About 600 Nigerian children have been crippled by poliomyelitis and Bauchi State presents the highest polio cases in the North eastern part of the country leaving 313 children crippled in a single community of Azare, a local government identified to have the highest concentration of the virus in the world. This is no doubt the reason Bauchi State government is stepping up the fight against the debilitating disease.

The growing trend of polio cases in Nigeria which currently rank the country first in the world and with over 80 per cent of the global cases is worrisome. Nigeria is ahead of Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. And it is equally more disturbing that the North accounts for over 80 per cent of the debilitating disease in Nigeria.

But the OPV vaccine provided by Bill Gates and the World Bank has a problem. It causes polio. The experts provide an explanation, that the “mild” live virus “mutates”, inside an infected child. The infected victims continue to infect others, especially when sanitation is poor. That is, the vaccine itself is a source of new polio victims. This problem does not seem to occur with the deactivated IPV vaccine. The problem with the OPV vaccine is not new.

Nigeria and most other poor nations use an oral polio vaccine because it’s cheaper, easier, and protects entire communities. But it is made from a live polio virus-albeit weakened-which carries a small risk of causing polio for every million or so doses given. In even rarer instances, the virus in the vaccine can mutate into a deadlier version that ignites new outbreaks. The vaccine used in the United States and other Western nations is given in shots, which use a killed virus that cannot cause polio. So when WHO officials discovered a polio outbreak in Nigeria was sparked by the polio vaccine itself, they assumed it would be easier to stop than a natural “wild” virus.

They were wrong.

In 2007, health experts reported that amid Nigeria’s ongoing outbreak of wild polio viruses, 69 children had also been paralyzed in a new outbreak caused by the mutation of a vaccine’s virus. Back then, WHO said the vaccine-linked outbreak would be swiftly overcome-yet two years later, cases continue to mount. They have since identified polio cases linked to the vaccine dating back as far as 2005.

The debate about “live” OPV vaccine versus “dead” IPV vaccine is one of the most important with regards to vaccinations. It is not even clear if a virus actually lives or is just an active molecular parasite. Generally, for a human life threatening disease, the choice should be the inactivated virus, (IPV). But the Pharmaceutical companies, decided to provide live viruses, (OPV) for Nigeria.

Sometimes the vaccine virus can mutate in its host, and then cause a more severe form of polio in the child who catches it. If you can vaccinate almost all kids, then there is an even tinier risk of vaccine-related polio paralysis.

42 million children have been vaccinated for polio in Nigeria. This year, there have 124 cases of polio caused by the vaccine. That is double what we saw last year. Experts are blaming low vaccination rates for the spread, and they are right – to a point. If more children were vaccinated, then this wouldn’t be happening. But accepted wisdom has always been that vaccine-caused polio virus didn’t spread the way wild polio does. The Nigerian outbreaks cast some doubt on that.

If the oral polio vaccination is only effective when given to nearly 100% of the population, then it changes the whole cost-benefit discussion. It starts to look like there’s no real point to using the oral vaccine except to save money. That makes cases of vaccine-induced polio paralysis a lot harder to accept

Obviously. But, there is no absolutely perfect vaccine, because there are always a few people who are extra sensitive. There is the variable of the health of an individual’s immune system. Polio is quite infectious, and most people recover. But about 2% suffer the severe paralysis that makes polio so cruel. So universal vaccination is a worthwhile goal. The choice of a live virus vaccine OPV, is typically corporate, and wrong. Especially considering, this long medical debate was decided in favor of the IPV for polio, because the inactivated virus is not infectious.

There is another controversial issue that needs to be mentioned. The compund claimed to be a “preservative”, Thimerosal is added to vaccines. The Pharmaceutical companies have concealed the use of this mercury compound. It is not clear which vaccines have this toxic substance, although the H1N1, Swine Flu vaccine DOES contain Thimerosal. The dangers of Thimerosal are hotly argued, but it is MERCURY, and no good has ever come from mercury in the body. Tell your doctor that you would prefer that vaccinations be Thimerosal-free, especially for children. Presumably, the OPV virus is Thimerosal free. But Nigerians themselves have found a way to preserve vaccines. Their solar energy fridge was not a product of a multi-national corporation.

Is it wrong to blame Gates and the Bankers? Is one or two hundred vaccine produced polio cases per year, the price that must be paid, to prevent thousands of cases? Perhaps this should not be called an epic fraud, just a small fraud. But the children who are victims are owed something. One way to pay back, would be starting special hospitals that can provide some treatments to the paralyzed children. But that is not the Corporate Medicine way. It is not Bill Gates way either. Gates will claim success, and ignore the two hundred children paralyzed with his help.

The real health care problems in Africa is either ignored, or exploited by the corporations. It is poverty and ignorance and lack of medical resources. Some estimates are that a million Nigerian children under the age of 5, die every year, due to illness and disease. Polio is a small part of childhood threats. Immunizations are required for measles, polio, diphtheria and tetanus, and treatments are needed for other illnesses such as diarrhea. Fake, or adulterated drugs also kill children, such as “My Pikin”. The Pharmaceutical companies do not give discounts for their products, to children in Nigeria.

At the tail-end of 2008, death came stealthily and claimed the lives of about fifty toddlers.

It was an epidemic of sorts caused not by the usual killers – polio, measles, whooping cough, diarrhoea and other child killer diseases – but by a teething mixture, the infamously called “My Pikin” brand, which unsuspected mothers administered to their babies.

The presence of fake drugs and syrups is now an addition to the list of child-killers doctors work hard to fend off. But it is an old tale that says a lot about how poor access to healthcare has helped to make Nigeria one of the top- ranking nations as far as child mortality is concerned.

Research shows that about 200 of every one thousand children born each year in Nigeria die before the age of five. UNICEF reveals that over 834,000 children die annually in Nigeria. The problem is attributed to poverty, obstetric emergencies, harmful cultural practices, and a lack of pre-natal care and access to family planning. Health facilities are often poorly funded, and many traditional birth attendants have no medical training.

Honesty would help. If Bill Gates makes a statement, that the problems of health care in Africa are difficult. That polio cannot be eradicated completely, without clean water and clean sanitation. That the other diseases and health problems afflicting Nigeria’s children need to be solved, with an alliance of volunteers, and governments. That corporate medicine, is flawed, education, preventive care, healthy nutrition and boosting the immune system, need to be part of any health care campaign. Then he would deserve credit for helping some of the poorest people in the world. But Bill Gates will not say this. Gates will say. “We have been a great success with corporate medicine. We will continue with more of the same.”

But it is a great fraud to ignore the critical health care needs of Nigeria. The Bill Gates Foundation has a website devoted to congratulating the Bill Gates Foundation. This is part of the campaign to demonstrate how successful the Bill Gates Foundation has been. Listed under “Evidence of Success”, are insecticide treated bed nets to counter malaria, campaigns for treating AIDS, and Tuberculosis, and The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) to provide essential nutrients to children by fortifying foods such as flour and soy sauce. There is nothing mentioned about eradicating Polio.

The “Living Proof” site says: “From programs to improve nutrition, to global immunization programs, to working to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, our partners are working hard to improve the health and lives of people around the world. ” If by world, Gates is including the USA, then it is also a great fraud to ignore the health care needs in the USA. There is no public evidence that Gates or his Foundation supports any type of national health care in his own country.

As I previously, suggested, the Gates Foundation and the World Bank should provide hospitals for the victims of the tainted vaccine that they supplied to children. The Gates foundation has other ways to spend millions of dollars. It is called propaganda. If you are a DC “opinion leader” or “policy maker”, you may want to visit Mr. Gates on Oct. 27.

Television, radio, print, and online advertising in Washington, DC, featuring children and adults in developing countries who are “living proof” that U.S. investments are saving and transforming lives. The campaign’s first television ad, titled “I Am Living Proof,” begins running in Washington, DC today on both network and cable channels and can be viewed online at

A multimedia presentation by Bill and Melinda Gates to policy-makers and opinion leaders on October 27 in Washington, D.C., highlighting opportunities to build on today’s global health successes. The presentation will also be webcast on the Living Proof Project web site

Bill Gates and his corporate friends have more frauds being planned for the “developing world”. They want to help poor farmers, plant special seeds for food crops. These are seeds for “Franken foods”, genetically modified plants that can contaminate other traditional crops. Gates has been partnered up with Monsanto for years. Monsanto is attempting to control and own all seed crops, using bribes, threats and any Gestapo tactics they can get away with. Any farmers using these corporate seeds will eventually become slaves of Monsanto. This includes Iraq, conquered for the profits of corporations.

One of L. Paul Bremer’s last acts as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority was an order stipulating that “farmers shall be prohibited from re-using seeds of protected varieties.” Monsanto has said that it has no interest in doing business in Iraq, but should the company change its mind, the American-style law is in place.

For the Gates Foundation to work with Monsanto and promote GMO’s, would be proof that the Gates Foundation would need to lose its tax-exempt, charitable status. Monsanto, “wants to work with (organizations) like the Gates Foundation and allow them to incorporate our tools, to the extent that our tools can make a difference,” says Jerry Steiner, executive vice president at Monsanto. The Gates Foundation may be secretly supporting more genetically modified crops for Africa. Gate is trying to get our tax money to help fund Monsanto’s efforts

Congress may pass the Global Food Security Act – Senate Bill 384. This would “boost spending on foreign agricultural development and nutrition programs from $750 million in 2010 to $2.5 billion by 2014. …the money can go to ‘biotechnological advances appropriate to local ecological conditions,’ including genetically modified seeds.’”

The major producer of GM seeds worldwide is Monsanto. Monsanto have also spent $2 million lobbying to have this bill passed.

Various groups appear to be promoting improved seed and sustainable agricultural for Africa. They also seem to be supporting the Global Food Security Bill from behind the scenes. These groups are the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. Together they have established the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

Could these groups’ real agenda be to force GM seeds on Africa? MADGE has followed a trail of grants and links that are worrying.

A few days ago, Gates specifically showed that he is pushing Monsanto’s corrupt practices into Africa. He claims, the African farmers will not have to pay for seeds. But Monsanto will make them pay sooner or later. How much more evidence is needed to require an investigation of the relationship with Monsanto and other corporations, to remove the Gates Foundation charitable “status”?

“The technologies will be licensed royalty free to seed distributors so that the new seeds can be sold to African farmers without extra charge,” Gates said. “I hope that the debate over productivity will not slow the distribution of these seeds,” Gates said.

Again, the corporate new world order manifest destiny is so obvious and corrupt, which is to make us all their slaves. These neo-cons made a huge mistake by advertising their plans for corporate world domination in their PNAC Manifesto. Their dysfunctional, psychopathic lunacy does seem vaguely familiar, because it is the same lunacy every dictator shouts out to the world. And Bill Gates supports the corporate dictators. He is one himself, come to think of it.

Global leadership is not something exercised at our leisure, when the mood strikes us or when our core national security interests are directly threatened; then it is already too late.

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