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Got A Remarkable Dog Recovery Story?


photo by Mary Jane Mucklestone

Kobe (one of the “dogs” in Firedoglake, on the left, above) is having a rough time tonight. They found a giant mass attached to his carotid artery and removed it yesterday — but today he contracted pneumonia.

He’s in the ICU right now. I pop by every couple of hours and stay with him. They couldn’t give him pain medication because it affected their ability to tell what was going on with his heart, but then he got shocky and restless and that made his heart race. So it’s very touch and go.

When I got cancer for the first time the most inspirational thing that happened to me was when someone gave me a copy of Bernard Siegel’s Love Medicine and Miracles, about the stories of exceptional cancer patients who beat the odds. It made me believe that I could get through it. If these people could do it, I could too.

I don’t have a book like that for dogs so if you’re out there and you have a remarkable dog recovery story, we could use it tonight. Kobe is fighting to stay alive — I keep asking him, and he hasn’t given up. I take it as a good sign that he’s kind of pissed at me because he has to be there.

So if anyone’s got a story about a remarkable medical pet recovery, please share it, because we could use some hope and inspiration tonight. Kobe sent me packing a short time ago because he said I was a big drag and I need to get myself in a better place so I can be there for him.

And please say a prayer for Kobe.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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