Joe Sestak

Joe Sestak

Joe Sestak’s Senate campaign is set to roll out a big endorsement on Monday, and the Philly Inquirer learned who it is:

U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, trying to knock off a veteran Democratic incumbent senator in the primary, will get an endorsement Monday from somebody who succeeded in doing just that: Connecticut’s Ned Lamont.

Lamont defeated Sen. Joseph Lieberman in the 2006 Democratic primary, largely by running against the Iraq war and Lieberman’s support of the Bush administration’s war policy. But Lamont did not win the general election. After losing the nomination, Lieberman ran as an independent in the fall, defeating Lamont and the Republican nominee.

There’s certainly a symbolic significance to Lamont endorsing the campaign most similar to his since 2006. Sestak presumably hopes that Lamont can bring the same kind of attention to his effort from the online grassroots community. Although, in many respects, as Sestak staffer Chris Bowers notes, he’s already won.

Sestak’s victory may come as a bit of surprise, especially to those at Arlen Specter’s $10,000-a-plate fundraisers that shut down the entire Senate. But Joe Sestak is already voting in the Senate by proxy, via Arlen Specter. Sestak’s primary challenge has caused Specter to come around to the point of view of the majority of the Democratic Party) on every major issue since he entered the race […]

In exchange for Specter’s timely votes, the White House has plied him with political support, dispatching Cabinet secretaries and hosting multi-million dollar fundraisers. Of course, if Specter is re-elected he won’t need any more favors from the White House, or labor, or health care advocates, or environmentalists, or the LGBT community. He’ll never again have to face a challenger or be “judged” by any electorate, and Joe Sestak won’t be around to remind him how to vote.

So, I say let’s just keep Joe Sestak in office.

With Specter coming in with “near-fatal” re-elect numbers, it makes political sense and policy sense to give Sestak a shot as well. At least Ned Lamont thinks so.

UPDATE: The Rasmussen poll has VERY good news for Sestak, as he trails Arlen Specter by just four points, and leads Pat Toomey in a general election matchup while Specter trails Toomey. Wow.

Specter 46 (47)
Sestak 42 (34)

Toomey 45
Specter 40

Sestak 38
Toomey 37

David Dayen

David Dayen