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Late Night: “Wait, My Fifteen Minutes of Fame Aren’t Up Yet!”

Well, now you’ve gone and done it, blogosphere! Republican fameball Meghan McCain has holed up in her million-dollar New York City apartment/graduation present from Mrs. Budweiser and has threatened to cancel her Twitter account if people don’t stop . . . or is it “do stop”? . . . talking about her!

For those who’ve been living in the real world for the past 24 hours, a recap: Meghan McCain, the much-heralded “rising star” of the Republican Party (and let’s face it – the field for GOP rising stars is a bit thin on the ground) praised by conservative literary luminaries such as Kathleen Parker, exposed a little TOO much on her Twitter feed last night.

McCain, whose only discernible skill is being related to an old Republican misogynist with major anger issues and a beer heiress/drug addict, has managed to parlay standing on stage during her father’s 2008 presidential campaign into a career. She promotes herself as the New Face of Republicanism™ (which is like New Coke™, I suppose), writes painfully sophomoric posts for The Daily Beast (which are really better suited for Seventeen Magazine), and abuses her Twitter account to the point of sociopathy. A preening narcissist just like dear old Daddy–and her arch-nemesis, Sarah Palin–poor little rich girl Meghan McCain is the Queen of Oversharing, “tweeting” every waking thought she has, along with accompanying “spontaneous” photos of herself, because, like, OMG, why wouldn’t everyone want to see the new outfit she was going to wear to hang with those “fuckin’ cool” bikers at Sturgis? Last night was no different.

What was different was the Twitter smackdown that ensued. Ordinarily, after posting a photo of herself, McCain luxuriates in the sycophantic croonings of a cadre of creepy guys who “follow” her while tweeting with one hand. Last night, however, she got slapped silly by the Twitterati for engaging in such blatant exhibitionism. In response, Tila Tequila’s new BFF expressed shock . . . SHOCK! . . . and outrage that complete strangers would NOT want to see pictures of the Future of the RNC’s exaggerated cleavage, and was so wounded by the mean meanies mocking her that she was THIS close to signing off Twitter 4EVER! Yes, she had a Twitter tantrum. Oh, bitter calumny! Oh, foul slings and arrows! Oh, wait, I’m the center of attention again!

Apparently, it even got so heated that Jake “Tool Time” Tapper, still burping up leftovers from last year’s barbecue at Daddy McCain’s Sedona ranch, stepped into the fray to defend the hapless damsel in distress until she cried herself to sleep on her Blackberry.

Was it intentional that she was holding up a book about Andy Warhol, seminal documenter of the 15-minute, disposable celebrity, in the photograph? You be the judge.

So while it is hardly clear whether this latest move was (a) a brilliant attempt at additional self-promotion or (b) a demand for attention that backfired, we here at Firedoglake have a suggestion for Ms. McCain: If it’s media anonymity you truly seek – which we sincerely doubt – we recommend you tweet about the following:

1. An exit strategy from Afghanistan
2. Prison reform
3. Re-establishing the draft
4. Voting machine irregularities
5. The plight of the Palestinians
6. The current political situation in Honduras

Trust us — the media will turn you off faster than you can say “I’m no H8er! Some of my best friends are gay!”

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