Matt Barber is one of the Rights chattering class, or at least he aspires to be. For those who don’t know this odious little man, he is part of the Liberty Council at Liberty University (full disclosure, my late step sister graduated with a degree in Fashion Marketing from Liberty, it qualified her to be a bartender until the day she died). He is an Associate Dean of Liberty Law School and was a founding member of the Orwellianly named Americans for the Truth about Homosexuality, a pro intolerance and anti gay rights group.

His usual shtick is to whip up fear against gay citizens and undocumented immigrants. He does this for a wide range of Wingnut and Teabagger publications. The reason I write about him is perhaps his greatest sin, after writing this fear and hate mongering posts, he spasm them to my e-mail. Since he does not provide a way to unsubscribe this never ending flood of crap, I make it a point to show the world the kind of lowbrow fear and hate that passes as discourse on sites like One News Now and World Net Daily, so the rest of you don’t have to wade through it.

Today the fetid mind of Mr. Barber is pointed at the President, in a little turd of a post called “Here he comes: Mr. Universe”, it is his shot (late, lame and not wanted) at the President receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Since this is copyrighted, I am not going to reproduce the entire thing, but use the great Fair Use doctrine to give you just enough of writing so you can get a feel for what the fever swamp of Mr. Barbers brain has produced for his know-nothing readers and compatriots.

Mr. Barber (should I start calling him Barby?) starts out by posing the rhetorical question was the Nobel Committee part of a secret plot to discredit the president by giving him the prize? He hits the idea it was based on his first 12 days in office rather than the stance President Obama took for the two years of his campaign for the presidency. He even asserts that people at Daily Kos and “worshipful media sycophants” were scratching their heads, which to a certain extent is true, but hardly the level Barby portrays in his piece.

Barby makes some lame attempts at humor by saying the President should get an Emmy and a Grammy. One thing about the Right, it seems they just don’t have any ability to be actually funny. It is a sad thing, really, they think things like the mocked up picture of watermelons on the White House lawn or the President as a witch doctor is somehow the height of humor.

Then Barby gets to the meat of his thesis with this:

Whereas an American president should be respected abroad, Obama is almost universally perceived as weak. Whereas he should be feared by his enemies, he is mocked. And, whereas he should be appreciated by his friends, he continues to deeply frustrate his hard-left comrades as the “do-nothing president” (as uproariously captured in a recent Saturday Night Live skit).

It looks as thought Barby’s legal education at Regent University Law School was not a complete loss, he knows how to use “whereas” and is not afraid to do so. Unfortunately shows a little too much of the way the Right (al Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol) think of things. He makes the assumption that President Obama is not respected in the world., missing entirely the point of the Nobel Committee in awarding this prize; namely that the world is breathing a sigh of relief we no longer have a wild lawless president at the helm of the most powerful nation in the world. He then thinks that somehow the office of the presidency should be equivalent with the school yard bully, someone to be feared (just a little point Barby, you can’t be feared and respected). He then finishes with the assertion that the president is hard left on anything, when a real reading of his policy and his campaign was centrist one with a mild shift to the left. Only a Wingnut with their constant braying of this point could consider the president a member of the hard left of the Democratic Party in any sense.

One of the most startling things about the Right currently is their ability to cast people who are not as hard core as them as “liberal”. Barby does this by casting Richard Cohen of the Washington Post as a “liberal journalist”. While Mr. Cohen might have some policy views which match some of the Lefts, I don’t think anyone would go so far as to call him a liberal, even if they were on a three day drunk! Barby uses Cohen’s criticism of the President to bolster his point about the president needing to be feared and respected.

Then Barby trots out these three craptastic paragraphs:

Still, Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is every bit as offensive as it is absurd. He is one of the most divisive president’s in U.S. history. Take his radical promotion of abortion on demand – up to and including the grizzly and, according to the AMA, never necessary practice of partial birth abortion. (That’s where an unborn child – up to the ninth month – is almost completely delivered, a pair of scissors or another sharp object is rammed into her skull, and her brains are sucked out. Not very “peaceful.”)

No, Obama’s Peace Prize has little to do with “peace” and everything to do with policy. It’s no secret that leftists around the world, including the Nobel Committee, hate America. Obama may not hate America, but he loathes the idea of American exceptionalism. Whether it is his intention or not, he is busily working from within to relocate the shining city on a hill to a much lower altitude alongside those European nations after which he strives to “remake” America. It’s called international egalitarianism and it emanates from the man’s soul.

In little over nine months he’s managed to nearly destroy our economy, “stimulate” the quadrupling of the deficit over the next ten years, decimate the dollar, weaken our national security, and set the table for passage of the most leftist social policies in American history.

It is hard for me to even know where to start on this, President Obama is one of the most divisive presidents in U.S. history?!? You have to be kidding me! After the criminal President Bush, who famously told the world “you are either with us or against us”, after that lawless administration routinely called those who apposed their policies “traitors” and “appeasers”, after a reelection won on the premise you will die if you vote for a Democrat, Barby has the stones to call President Obama one of the most divisive in history?!?

Barby then goes off a cliff with paranoid fantasies about the Nobel Committee hating America along with those on the left world wide. That has to be a pretty scary world Barby lives in if this is what he thinks. He then attributes the president with a “loathing” for American execptionalism. As if thinking the rules should and must apply to the United States along with every other country somehow makes you loath the idea the United States is unique. What Barby fails to understand is that it is by abiding by the rules, by standing up for human rights, by supporting the international system of law, even when it is hard is how you demonstrate any level of being exceptional. Like most Wingnuts, Barby thinks execptionalism means we get an exception from the rules of nations.

Then he finishes with his list of Wingnut hall of fame saying how the president has decimated the economy, totally ignoring the fact the Dow has topped 10,000 today and the structural problems which the criminal President Bush and the Republican controlled Congress had bequeathed him. He then claims that President Obama is setting the stage for (scary music queue) “the most leftist social policies in American history”.

It is stunning that anyone can believe this crap, let alone write about on such a frequent basis, but it seems to me my pal Barby is trying to get himself on at one of the Wingnut welfare think tanks, so he regurgitates the party line, completely ignoring reality. But I do have to thank him for one thing; it does give me a chance to mock him soundly.

If you would like to read the whole paranoid, badly sourced article you can find it at this link.

The floor is yours.

Bill Egnor

Bill Egnor

I am a life long Democrat from a political family. Work wise I am a Six Sigma Black Belt (process improvement project manager) and Freelance reporter for