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Maine Newspaper Coverage of Campaign Money Disclosures

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Thought folks might like to get a glimpse into how the numbers are being given to the Maine public, so here are some snippets- click on the links for full articles.

Love today’s Bangor Daily News!

No on 1 far ahead in funding

Both gay marriage camps get out-of-state donations

The campaign to keep Maine’s same-sex marriage law on the books has raised more than double the amount of the group trying to repeal the law, according to finance reports released Tuesday.

Supporters of gay marriage have amassed a $2.7 million campaign war chest so far in a political race that is attracting hefty donations to both sides from organizations and activists from around the country.

The anti-gay marriage group Stand for Marriage Maine had raised approximately $1.1 million as of Sept. 30, according to the report. The group has just more than $66,000 left in the bank with about $419,000 in debt.

By contrast, gay marriage supporters, led by the organization No on 1-Protect Maine Equality, reported having $462,000 cash on hand, with no outstanding debt.

“We certainly need some serious money to be able to compete with them,” Mark Mutty, a leader of Stand for Marriage Maine, said Tuesday evening. “There is no question we are being outspent. We are the underdog.”

Slightly less than half of the amount raised by the No on 1 campaign came from Maine residents, according to its leaders. But they pointed out that more than 12,000 people donated to their cause.

“We are very pleased with the support we are receiving both in Maine and around the country,” said Mark Sullivan, spokesman for No on 1. “We think this is an indication of the strength the campaign has in the state.”

Not surprisingly, the other side had a starkly different take on those figures.

Mutty said the reports undermine the opposition’s claim to be the “home-grown, locally supported campaign.”

Instead, Mutty said in a statement that the race remains too close to call despite significant donations from “well-heeled political elite” and gay activists in other states and “the Democratic political machine.”

“Mainers won’t be bought,” Mutty said. “The Maine contributors to our campaign see through our opponent’s name-calling and smear tactics for what it is: an exceedingly well-funded effort from outside of Maine, yet one that simply cannot stand up against the facts we present.”

Reports show that Stand for Marriage Maine has also received the majority – more than $800,000 – of its donations from outside Maine, however.

That total includes $500,000 from the National Organization for Marriage in Washington, D.C., nearly $100,000 from Colorado-based Focus on the Family and more than $210,000 from Roman Catholic bishops and dioceses outside Maine.

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QUESTION 1 Gay-marriage backers raise $2.7 million

Supporters of Maine’s same-sex marriage law have raised almost $2.7 million to fight a people’s veto, reports show, compared with about $1.1 million raised by supporters of the repeal.

The No on 1 Protect Maine Equality political action committee said Tuesday in its report to the state ethics commission that most of the money — $2.56 million — was raised in the three months that began July 1 and ended Sept. 30.

Stand for Marriage Maine, the PAC supporting a people’s veto of the law to legalize same-sex marriage, had raised $1.14 million in all, $794,180 of it in the third quarter. Officials with Stand for Marriage Maine could not be reached for comment Tuesday night. In an e-mail to supporters, the group’s chairman, Marc Mutty, used the fundraising disparity as a call for more donations.

Stand for Marriage Maine had spent $941,361 as of Sept. 30, and had $66,255 in cash. It also listed $419,000 in unpaid debts and obligations. That included $284,570 to Marketing Communications Services Inc. of San Francisco for TV production services and $62,444 to a campaign consultant, Schubert Flint of Sacramento, Calif.

According to No on 1, about half of the $2.56 million raised in the third quarter came from people in Maine. The PAC’s finance report is 454 pages long, detailing donations from states as far away as Hawaii, as well as how the group spent its money.

Page after page of the report shows individual donations ranging from less than $50 to several hundred dollars. There are also some big numbers, with 29 individuals and 10 groups giving more than $10,000 apiece.

Groups that gave large sums to No on 1 include the Human Rights Campaign, which donated $155,000 in cash and in-kind contributions; EqualityMaine, which donated $90,000; the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, which donated $87,000 in cash and in-kind; and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which donated $75,000.

No on 1 had spent $2.1 million as of Sept. 30, according to its report, including $1.49 million for TV commercial production and placement with Virginia-based McMahon Squier & Associates.

The PAC also spent $115,7000 with a Washington, D.C., polling firm/consultant, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, and $221,000 with Connecticut-based Mission Control for direct mailings.

The PAC had $462,481 in cash at the end of the period, and did not list any debts or obligations.

According to Stand for Marriage Maine’s report, about 380 people and groups — mostly individuals — donated to the PAC. The 23 pages of donors show that many are from Maine, though donations from across the country appear.

Most were $100 to $500, though there were a few big donors. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland donated $245,000. The New Jersey-based National Organization for Marriage donated $300,000, and Focus on the Family of Colorado donated $50,000.

Portland Press Herald has the same story by same reporter with different title: (“Marriage law backers raise $2.7 million” The PAC figure is more than twice what opponents of the same-sex marriage law have raised.)

Waterville’s Morning Sentinel

Supporters of gay-marriage law outspend rivals

Supporters of Maine’s gay-marriage law said Tuesday they’ve collected $2.7 million in their campaign to defeat a repeal proposal on the state’s Nov. 3 ballot that is being watched closely across the country.

The group, called NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality, said in a report to state campaign-finance regulators that it also has spent $2.2 million to preserve the law that recognizes same-sex marriages.

Stand for Marriage Maine says it raised $1.1 million and spent more than $941,000.

Stand for Marriage Maine used a provision of the state Constitution known as the people’s veto to get the measure on the ballot. The group had raised more than $343,689 through the previous quarter ending in early July.

Stand for Marriage Maine has drawn criticism from a group active in last year’s successful gay-marriage referendum in California.

Californians Against Hate complained in August to Maine’s ethics commission that some large organizations contributing to the repeal campaign were circumventing Maine law by not reporting the names of the donors. The ethics commission has agreed to investigate the complaint.

According to the Tuesday report from Protect Maine Equality, the bulk of the contributions ranged from $25 to $500. The group reported nearly $42,000 in in-kind contributions from Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders.


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