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It amazes me that all the so-called smart people, or at least the ones in Washington, in the think tanks, the Economists, and those in places where their voices can be heard, are talking about the unemployment problem, but have no answers.
There is only one answer, and that is to put the Country and it’s people back to work. Sounds simple, well it really is, but none of these people can see past their opinions.

The best way to put the Country back to work, is select a problem, then put the money up to fix it, and to encourage business, the Government and the people to work toward that goal.

Personally I think the best one is to get off foreign oil, using natural gas and ethanol, which are two available fuels. This would not only put the Country to work making the change but save trillons over the years.

There are many others. We all know, and it is much talked about is rebuilding our infrastructure. It could be done like the WPA instead of hiring high priced construction firms.

We know we have a problem burning coal for power, and the Congress’s answer is to tax the shit out of us hoping it will start slowing that. The real answer is to use water power, by putting turbines in all our flowing rivers and streems. Instead we are hoping windmills and solar arays will save us.

We know importing everything from the rest of the world, is bad for our economy. So be like the Chinese and copy what they do. They make our products cheap for us, but make better products for their people. They say we can compete, but won’t back us doing it.

The point is that solving this problem is simple. It will take leadership from our Government to do it. We have none of that, and none of us are demanding that we do.

We have see their answers in bailouts, the Recovery Act, and spending to help the unemployed with food stamps and unemployment. All the Government spending they are doing, is not helping much.

Unemployment is not a job, it is a drain on the Government, and only is temporary help. Most would rather have a job than an unemployment check.

They instead of solving the problem which is no job, they addressing it by giving aid not a replacement job. The fact that person has no job, and needs the aid, only compounds the problems. While they have no job they are not paying taxes, buying things and helping the Nations economy. They are a drain to the economy, and hurting themselves and the Country.

You see Washington is ass backwards, instead of a job they give aid. Aid does not create jobs, or help the economy which has to be healthy to create jobs.

Demand, You know that other part of supply and demand we learned about, has to be there to require people to hire people to create jobs. The balony about tax credits, tax cuts, and tax advantages creating jobs is stupid. Business needs demand for their products and sevices to create jobs. What creates demand, is people having jobs and buying things. So the answer to the demand problem, is jobs so people are working. If their working paying taxes, the Government won’t have the high deficits, and be shelling out all that aid in food stamps and unemployment.

like I say the answer to all our problems is to put the Country back to work. What will that take? Try a Presidential declaration, like Kennedy did with going to the moon. A declaration to the Congress to fund it, and the backing of the people for it. Business would gladly jump on the band wagon, because what better for them then to have something to work toward, supply for, and be involved in. Simple yes, but brains that seem to be lacking in the right places now. It would be far better to spend money to solve any of our Nations problems, than to keep throwing more money down the rat hole of hoping the economy will fix itself. If you get a flat tire you get it fixed or you walk. Our economy is the same way either we fix it, or we wait for the next ride.

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