Having once again sniffed around the shit that daily flows out of our country’s sewer, the source of which is far off in the right wing, Thers has drawn in the noxious odor of one piece that truly stinks out among the rest.

Here’s just a sample of that smelly chunk that Charles Krauthammer squeezed out and named “Decline is a Choice: The New Liberalism and the end of American ascendancy,” which The Weekly Standard (10/19/2009, vol. 15, issue 5) took for a gem and held up for all the world to see:

But the liberal internationalism of today is different. It is not center-left, but left-liberal. And the new left-liberal internationalism goes far beyond its earlier Clintonian incarnation in its distrust of and distaste for American dominance. For what might be called the New Liberalism, the renunciation of power is rooted not in the fear that we are essentially good but subject to the corruptions of power–the old Clintonian view–but rooted in the conviction that America is so intrinsically flawed, so inherently and congenitally sinful that it cannot be trusted with, and does not merit, the possession of overarching world power.

The strategy of Krauthammer and his ilk in discussing matters of foreign policy is essentially the same as the strategy of Senate Republicans like Grassley and Enzi in publicly spouting nonsense about Democratic proposals for health care reform.

In matters of foreign policy, as in matters of giveaways to the Health Industrial Complex in the name of health care “reform,” rather than give President Obama and Senator Baucus credit for pursuing what are essentially center-right policies that in many cases aren’t all that different from those of Bush in his second term, i.e. rather than be happy with the most right-leaning policies they should ever have hoped for given the election results in 2006 and 2008, these people choose to complain even more.

To what end?

Obviously, because they know how to push center-right policies even further to the right.

In other words, each time President Obama and House and Senate Democrats compromise a little, and each time the American citizenry accepts one compromise, and then another, Krauthammer and his ilk all smile inwardly as they continue to complain about how President Obama and House and Senate Democrats are too far to the left.

As Thers put it, we lived through eight years under the rule of delusional incompetents who thought they were qualified to run the world.

Well, they’re still at it.

Let’s have no delusions of our own. Let’s recognize that they’re largely winning. And so we must strengthen our resolve, constantly reminding ourselves of what we’re losing because of this strategy of incremental compromises.

Otherwise, we’ll have let our leaders cave to the wishes not of those in the center-right, but of the radical right-wing crazies.