As long as prurient “media critic” Howard Kurtz, Other Guys’ Wieners correspondent, is given WaPo ink and pixels to write this on the front page of Saturday’s Style section, it obscures what non-entertainer and actual federal officeholder John Ensign has done that’s illegal:

No matter the motive, the tangled case centers on a classic love triangle: Stephanie Birkitt, Letterman’s longtime assistant, had previously dated the talk-show host before moving in with Halderman.

When Halderman saw the two embrace at the end of a private road near his Norwalk, Conn., home, “he felt betrayed,” Arnot said in an interview Friday. “He felt he was the backup. He felt lied to. He felt very angry, more at Letterman than at his girlfriend. . . . Joe was furious, beside himself, that this was being thrown in his face.”

Will Kurtz ever write about about John Ensign’s actual wrongdoing: putting his cuckolded chief of staff into a lobbyist job, making calls to get him clients, meeting with those clients and his former employee within the already absurdly short one-year no-lobbying window and then contacting federal agencies on behalf of those clients of his former chief of staff-turned-lobbyist? Asking another Senator, Tom Coburn, to be the adulterers’ go-between to negotiate a pay-off? And getting his own parents to write a check for $96,000 to the aggrieved family?

Will Howard Kurtz ever write about where John Ensign put his wiener?

What’s so wonderful about David Letterman’s wiener that Howie Kurtz keeps writing about it exclusively without ever writing about John Ensign’s wiener? Why, there’s even a “media” angle that Kurtz could address, should he ever care to leave off writing about other guys’ wieners.

More than anyone else, Howard Kurtz has tweeted the David Letterman “scandal” to make himself the Village’s Other Guys’ Wieners correspondent. It’s embarrassing and someone should intervene. He continues to drape the Washington Post with stories about David Letterman’s wiener: five stories, chats, and counting.

Perhaps he should branch out and cover other Other Guys’ Wieners.

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge