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Ok … I’ve Had It…. I’m tired of being held hostage by my country

As an Army wife, I’m over all of this side stepping BS. My wife now has orders to Iraq. We do not have any sort of support from the army, and can NOT count on her family to do the right thing should, heaven forbid, something go wrong.

She joined the national guard in high school, went to West Point and then medical school prior to coming out (even to her self), so it’s not like she signed a contract til 2021 knowing she was gay and would have to live her life in hiding.

We can’t responsibly have a family…. What do we do, teach our kids to lie??? Let them grow up with the stress of not “outing Mommy”??? Not to mention risk jail time…

That’s right- after a conversation w/ SLDN, she was told that if I had a child and she attempted to adopt him/her and claim the child as a dependent, that would be considered a statement of homosexuality. Additionally, if I had a child and she didn’t claim the child as a dependent, she could go to jail because in the army you must claim all of your dependents. And, if she were to get pregnant, she would likely be disciplined for being irresponsible.

Then we have other issues as well….

We just moved to upstate NY. Up here, you can’t just go out and get insurance- you have to get it thru your job or spouse’s job.

We all know that the army will not cover me and my new job doesn’t offer insurance. They do have a plan thru the state, but your household income has to be below $25k/ year and as NY does not recognize our marriage, we do not qualify.

The issues I have listed today are just the tip of the iceberg…

We are so over it….

What is the benefit for a top notch soldier, that happens to be gay, to endure this crap???  

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