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Why is Michele Bachmann obsessed with (all sorts of) sex?

I know that the Congresswoman from Minnesota nearly let her passions suck the face off of the last President during his entrance to deliver the State of the Union, but I’m starting to think she’s having some serious daydreams about s-e-x, particularly about s-e-x that she thinks other people might be thinking about or heaven forbid learning about or doing it. Particularly if it is of the same-sex variety.

Last week, however, in keeping with the non-reality-based criticism of this administration’s attempt at health care reform, she let loose about the nonexistent plan to hold sex clinics and abortion field trips as part of public school curriculum. That links goes to one deranged video. But one helping from Michele Bachmann is never enough — witness this week’s sequel warning about sex clinics in schools. She’s riding the wave…(HuffPo):

For the second time in as many weeks, Rep. Michele Bachmann, (R-Minn.) insisted on Thursday that Democratic-conceived health care legislation would set up “school-based health clinics” encouraging promiscuous sexual behavior and dangerous medical procedures among the nation’s youth.

Speaking on the House floor, the Minnesota Republican read a letter from a local constituent named Jamie, who at the age of 14 found herself popping morning-after pills, abusing birth control, lying to her parents about it all and skipping class to go back to the clinic. It’s a generally horrid tale that would seem relevant if, in fact, it had anything to do with the current health care reform debate.

As Bachmann sees it, the legislation being considered by Democrats in Congress would allow the government to grant abortions on demand and bring groups like Planned Parenthood into education facilities. The section she refers to in the legislation, however, makes no mention of abortion at all.

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Pam Spaulding