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Maine Attorney General “Appalled By Yes On 1 Ads”

Not very good news for the SFMM campaign and a little bird tells me there will be many more bad news stories for Yes On 1/ SFMM today.

More on THAT one later!

“I’m appalled at those ads as well. I have no reason to believe that a vote on Question One allowing the law to stand would dictate any change in the curriculum in Maine schools.”

Wonder what “Busy, Busy, Busy Boy” Bob Emrich will have say to about this… certainly the fact that the attorney general made a surprise appearance to speak in favor of LD 1020 at the public hearing in April is one that Emrich is quick to remind folks.

Even the fact that Gendron requested an opinion on the controversial law proved controversial.

The Rev. Bob Emrich, a member of Stand for Marriage Maine’s executive committee, noted that Mills testified in support of the bill to legalize same-sex marriage at a public hearing in April.

And, he said in a written statement, Gendron is a member of the administration of Gov. John Baldacci, who has supported same-sex marriage.

“Commissioner Gendron asking Attorney General Mills for an unbiased opinion on Question 1 smacks of a political stunt,” Emrich said. “Hopefully, Attorney General Mills will not allow her department to be misused in such a manner.”

The entire WMTW video clip here.

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