Where would Dagny Taggart register?

Since Snark Hunter Susan is too busy not going Galt, I’m going to jump in and point out that McMegan and McSuderman spent the past Sunday having  "a go at our first wedding registry." Well, I’m sure it won’t be the last one for either of them so they really shouldn’t feel too much  pressure getting it right this time.

And, speaking of pressure:

But I actually found it incredibly inhibiting.  There were plenty of nice things we needed, primarily glassware and serving bowls.  If I’d been spending my own money, I might well have bought them.  But instead I found myself wondering if this was really nice enough to justify having other people buy it for me.

This must be that moral guilt thing I keep hearing about; forcing the productive* members of their families to buy them expensive and "nice" gifts just because they’re getting married. Quite frankly I think they should have to be married for a year or two before they get anything. It should be earned. Remember:  if you feel you have to give things to people out of a feelings of guilt  you’re just sanctioning your own victimhood. 

On the other hand, the opportunity to hear the bride and groom recite the Randian Wedding Vow:

I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man (woman), nor ask another man (woman) to live for mine.

…might be worth the price of admission.

* Note to friends of McMegan and the future Mr. McMegan:  Those of you who are wonky-type public intellectuals are exempt from any and all gift giving constraints.  As noted above, this only applies to productive members of society.

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