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The Free Choice Public Heathcare Debate – A Position no one is discussing

Both those for and against the public option are making the exact same argument, presenting the same case … both are arguing it will force the reduction of healthcare costs:

· Those for the Public Option argue that it will reduce healthcare costs because it will provide real competition – free and open competition – the free enterprise capitalistic system.

· Those trying to kill the Public Option argue the exact same thing – that the public option will create real, free and open competition and that will eliminate the obscene windfall profits the private insurance companies make.

· The difference is those wanting the Public Option want it as a way of stopping the outrageous profits the private insurance companies make, while those trying to kill the Public Option want to do so solely and only to protect the monopoly the private insurance companies have to make outrageous profits.

That is the only difference between the two!! Both agree the Public Option will make gigantic reductions in healthcare costs – which of course benefits the American people.

But those trying to kill the Public Option are not as interested in reducing healthcare costs as they are in protecting the private insurance companies monopoly they now enjoy for charging outrageous sums for premiums and deductibles, and which allows them to be free to deny one out of five necessary medical treatments prescribed by doctors as they do today – and be able to continue to pay their executives $24 million a year.

Profits – heinous profits – are the only real difference between the two plans – and the only reason the insurance companies are making lavish campaign contributions and spending an additional $150 million a day to kill it.

Both plans have built-in costs for doctors, hospitals, technology, testing and treatment equipment, and medicines – the only difference is the Public Option eliminates profits, and the Private Insurance Only plan not only protects profits, but continues to give the insurance companies a license to continue to make outlandish profits by letting them continue their stranglehold monopoly over healthcare.

“How in the name of God …??” – literally – can this possibly be happening?

· … when over 75% of the people want Public Option Healthcare …

· … and when over 75% of the doctors want the Public Option …

· … and over 45,000 are dying every year because they can’t see a doctor (over 122 Americans a day, each and every day, 365 days a year).

How is it possible for a small handful of politicians in Congress bought and paid for by the insurance companies lobbyists, to kill this desperately needed, life and death opportunity for every American to have the free choice to have the Public Option Healthcare if they want it, or to refuse it if they don’t want it?

How can they – the Grassleys, the Hatchs, the Baucuses et al, who represent less than 1% of the people – deny 99.9% of the American people from having free choice, fair and open competition, and deny voters their right to have a free choice about which plan they want, is so un-American, so un-free enterprise capitalism, so anti-democracy, so anti-American, how can it actually be happening to the sick and dying hardworking American voter?

The answer is money! Corruption! And hypocrisy! (Baucus alone has taken almost $4 million from the insurance companies)

The old Golden Rule was “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” derived from the nuclear core principle of Christianity, “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” give to every American the same lifesaving healthcare you are blessed to have.

The new Golden Rule is “He who has the gold, rules” … and in this case it’s the private insurance companies who, with their obscene windfall profits, high-powered, extremely expensive K Street lobbyists, control their bought and paid for Congress, or, to paraphrase Will Rogers, “The best Congress the insurance companies money can buy.”

So who does your Congressperson represent? The sick and dying, or the profiteers?

Do they represent the money barons at the insurance companies because the sole purpose of those Representatives and Senators trying to kill the Public Option is to protect the obscene profits of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies?

Or do they represent their people – the uninsured, the underinsured, the pain and suffering of the sick and dying who desperately need the radical healthcare reform NOW, and know the Free Choice Public Option is the only way to get it – the only way to get real healthcare reform?

Nothing screams out more loudly of the enormous power of the Public Option to provide real competition that will drive down healthcare costs dramatically than the argument – the case – presented by those Congresspersons desperately trying to kill the Public Option … the argument to kill the Free Choice Public Option to protect private insurance healthcare only (the case actually proves the value and need of the Public Option Plan)

The Argument: “Public Option will provide the competition that will drive the private insurance companies out of business.”

Hello!! The private insurance advocates’ position is amazing – their own argument proves beyond any possible doubt that the Public Option is the only way to drive down healthcare costs – the only way to acquire real open and free competition, which is the essence of America and American capitalism – an argument that overwhelmingly proves the value and need of the Free Choice Public Option Plan.

Why do they argue the Public Option will drive the private insurance companies out of business? The only possible reason – the Public Option will provide equal or better healthcare at a lower cost.

Hello, again!! What, again – in the name of God – is wrong with that? How does the Public Option hurt one single American, except those profiting off the suffering of the sick and dying?

Get rid of the excessive profits, and help the people – ALL the people – stop the bought and paid for Congresspersons from denying 99.9% of the American people the Public Option healthcare they desperately need! It’s as simple as that!

How you, by making only 5 phone calls, can form a network of voters that can generate an unbelievable amount of political power to give the support to all of those wanting to vote for the Public Option, including Obama, they desperately need – NOW!!!

Join the Free Choice Public Option Voter Revolt 5×5 Club!

Go to to learn more about the 5×5 Club!

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