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Jonah Goldberg Conservative Intellectual?

Conspicuously missing, however, are the intellectual works. The bestseller list used to be crowded with the likes of Friedman’s "Free to Choose," George Gilder’s "Wealth and Poverty," Paul Johnson’s "Modern Times," Allan Bloom’s "The Closing of the American Mind," Charles Murray’s "Losing Ground" and "The Bell Curve," and Francis Fukuyama’s "The End of History and the Last Man." There are still conservative intellectuals attempting to produce important work, but some publishers have been cutting back on serious conservative titles because they don’t sell. (I have my own entry in the list: a two-volume political history titled "The Age of Reagan." But I never expected the books to sell well; at 750 pages each, you can hurt yourself picking them up.)
About the only recent successful title that harkens back to the older intellectual style is Jonah Goldberg’s "Liberal Fascism," which argues that modern liberalism has much more in common with European fascism than conservatism has ever had. But because it deployed the incendiary f-word, the book was perceived as a mood-of-the-moment populist work, even though I predict that it will have a long shelf life as a serious work. Had Goldberg called the book "Aspects of Illiberal Policymaking: 1914 to the Present," it might have been received differently by its critics. And sold about 200 copies.

My Bold Jonah Goldberg is being called the only serious Conservative Intellectual book writer by Reagan biographer Steven F. Hayward.
Yes he thinks Jonah ranks right up there with Friedman never mind the Bush years have shown the economy needs more regulation not less.
The Bell Curve is a great Conservative book? read the "Bell Curve wars " short book Steven a bunch of college Professors go over the book’s funny facts, cherry picked numbers and quite often Racist Studies cited. It reads like a list of things college freshmen should not do while writing papers. How those Professors got a degree much less a Harvard job suggests to me legacy hires or blackmail.
Anyway If anyone has read the other books listed above please share your opinion of them.
I have not read much of Jonah I admit but from what I’ve read and heard from Lefty Bloggers is that Jonah is probably the stupidest GOP writer on the planet.
And considering the competition for that award I can only wonder if Steven is in debt and Jonah is paying him to inflate his Reputation before a new book comes out.
Anyone have any other theories?

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