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I have no idea what is going on here…

Fred Barnes, who is the emergency back-up always-wrong person in case Bill Kristol is unable to fulfill his duties, points out that President Blacker Than A 1000 Midnights should never attempt anything that might turn out badly like, say, getting involved in a land war in Asia. Barnes then challenges all of the  DC media types to totally call Obama out for being a big fucking failure who, if he had a shred of decency, would resign because he can’t win anything of importance, besides that Leader of the Free World thing:

 …Obama’s aides assured reporters the president wouldn’t be put in a position where he could be embarrassed. But that’s exactly what happened. The White House gang thought the IOC was poised to ratify the president’s bid for a Chicago Olympics. Hardly anyone else shared that view, including the Japanese, who figured Tokyo wouldn’t be picked but Rio would be and Chicago would finish last.

And even Fred Barnes (Fred Barnes!) knows that only fools bet on long shots because they have  failed to weigh all of the available evidence and tend to think not with their heads but with their —

Sorry. What? Oh

 Standard editor Fred Barnes recalled being “struck by how smart Palin was, and how unusually confident. Maybe because she had been a beauty queen, and a star athlete, and succeeded at almost everything she had done.” It didn’t escape his notice, too, that she was “exceptionally pretty.”

Well yeah, but what about that time when the Huffington Post asked 27 Very Smart People (including Karl Rove, George Will, Ed Rollins, and Morton Kondrake) on 11/2/2008 who was going to win the election and all 27 of them picked Barack Obama—

What? Oh, one person didn’t:

Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard editor
Winner: McCain
Electoral College: Obama 252 McCain 286
Senate Seats: 55 Democrats 43 Republicans
House Seats: 255 Democrats 180 Republicans

How bad was that? Even Mark Halperin (Mark Halperin!) got it right, and I’m pretty sure that he’s brain damaged.

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