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Minority Leader Boehner Needs Our Help!

Poor Minority Leader Boehner needs our help! He is even now crying out for it! After all the Town Hall Meetings, after all the polls, after the election of 2008 which in no small part was about the Public Option and Health Care Reform, he lives in such a bubble that he says he has not met a single person who is favor of the public option!

The poor Minority Leader says that he has not had a single American who was not a Member of Congress or the Administration come up to him and tell him they are in favor of the Public Option.

This is a cry for help folks! It seems clear that all the beleaguered man needs to support the Public Option is to here from the (depending on which polls you read) 57-75% of the American people who are in favor of it! Maybe it is our fault for assuming he did not want to know, maybe it is just that liberals can’t stand that funky orange tan Rep. Boehner sports, but in any case it seems clear we have fallen down on the job by failing to let him know what is going on, so the time has come to fix it.

To answer Rep. Boehner’s plea for help the Dog has put together a little kit for you! Below are his contact information and a little script you can use if you tend to get tongue tied or are prone to writers block.

Contact info:

Washington office phone:
(202) 225-6205

Butler Count office phone:
(513) 779-5400

Miami County office phone:
(937) 339-1524

E-mail Contact:

Maybe this is why Minority Leader Boehner has such trouble finding people who support the Public Option, he filters his e-mail with a zip code filter. No worries, though the Dog has an address and a Zip code for you.

You can fallow this link to the page and put in this Zip Code – 45069-6637, then use this address 7969 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd, West Chester OH

That is the address of his district office, so you won’t be getting anyone in hot water.

Now for your script:

Hi my name is (insert your name here. Don’t just say insert your name here!).

I have heard that Minority Leader Boehner has not had a chance to meet or hear from any citizens who are in favor of the Public Option. I am one of those citizens. I would like to let the Rep. Boehner know I am one of the between 175 and 234 million Americans who support the Public Option.

I urge Rep. Boehner to do what he was elected to do and follow the will and needs of the American people and support the Public Option.

Thank you for your time

(insert your name here)

Now all we have to do is light up the switchboards at his offices. This poor overly tanned man is begging us to help him, can we do any less?

The floor is yours.

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Bill Egnor

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