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“Whew, it’s a good thing George Will has no sense of shame”

That way he can continue to write idiotic columns on global warming where the format is this:

1. It does not get warmer every year (Will must love those Drudge headlines when there’s an occasional snow-storm in April).

2. Here’s a guy from AEI who says limiting carbon emissions is too big a bother for our modern carbon emitting lifestyle.


So, we are doomed. So, why try?

Required action:

America needs a national commission appointed to assess the evidence about climate change.

Yes, appoint yet another one — and make sure it’s made up of one blue dog Democrat, one James Inhofe and one Marc Morano. They’ll get to the bottom of this skulduggery.

Yes, huzzah and harrumph and all that. I congratulate George Will on evolving from global warming denier to laughingly shrugging your shoulders.

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