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SFMM’s Press Release re: NOM/ Maine Ethic Committee Vote To Investigate

Just in:

BANGOR, Maine, Oct. 1 PRNewswire-USNewswire

The following statement can be attributed to Marc Mutty, Chairman of Stand for Marriage Maine:

“Stand for Marriage Maine is in complete compliance with Maine campaign disclosure laws. The decision today by the Maine Ethics Commission to open an inquiry based on frivolous allegations concerning the fundraising procedures of one of our allies, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), is an unfortunate abuse of power. It is yet another example of the harassment that follows supporters of traditional marriage.

The split 3-2 vote overruled the independent professional recommendation of the Commission staff that an investigation was not warranted. Instead, a bare majority of Commissioners agreed with a California-based hate group that exists for the sole purpose of harassing marriage supporters that they should examine whether NOM has raised funds designated for the Question 1 campaign without disclosing the source of the funds.

“The complaint by Californians Against Hate – which is itself a hate group – is frivolous. The Commission’s independent professional staff has reviewed the facts and concluded that there was insufficient evidence to launch an investigation. We are certain that the investigation will come to the same conclusion. However, the purpose of the complaint is not to lead to the truth, but to create an artificial and unwarranted political controversy in the final month of the Question 1 election.

The Commission has even deferred until its meeting in November a decision of what alleged violations should even be investigated. By that time, the political damage that our opponents seek to inflict on supporters of traditional marriage will have already occurred. It is an abuse of power for the Commission to have allowed itself to be used as an instrument of politics in this fashion.”

SOURCE  Stand for Marriage Maine

There will be a press release from Fred Karger soon…

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