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Many Maine Catholics Supporting Marriage Equality, Despite Bishop’s Efforts

If Bishop Malone can ask for repeated donations, so can I! 😉

Among the attendees at last night’s EQME annual meeting was an elderly couple from Fort Kent.

(That is a looooong one-way trip to Augusta!)

They were both lifelong Catholics, married for 48 years, and wanted to come down to attend the meeting and let people know that not all Catholics support Bishop Malone’s stance on Maine’s marriage equality law.

In fact, when Bishop Malone’s DVD was played last Sunday in church, the wife got up and walked out of the church.

The husband stayed; as he told us all last night, “I am a lifelong Catholic and I’ll be damned if the Bishop is going to drive me out of MY church!”

But they both came down together yesterday to offer their support and to let the EQME folks know that not all Maine Catholics agree with the Bishop. That many are quite angry and upset.

It made for a nice opportunity to mention, share information and discuss Catholics for Maine Equality, as well as share the information regarding their Facebook page, ActBlue donation page, and online petition.

In fact, there was quite a bit of discussion regarding the strong support from many within Maine’s faith-based community.

Below the fold, video and another repeat post favorite of mine from the public hearing: Maine’s Richard Malone: A Bee In A Bonnet.(Originally posted April 24, 2009)

This one is great.

At the equal marriage bill public hearing in Augusta the other day, the atmosphere was remarkably civilized. But occasionally the testimonies weren’t QUITE what one would expect!

First, this testimony from one of the opposition’s star attendees: Bishop Richard Malone of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland.

Here is an excerpt:

Among those testifying was Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Malone, who said the church has long supported domestic partner laws. But he said the church opposes same-sex marriage, which he characterized as one of several challenges facing traditional marriage.

“We speak in opposition to same-sex marriage because we are deeply concerned about the institution of marriage itself – in this state, and in this nation,” he said.

Here’s another from Village Soup:

Richard Malone, bishop of the Diocese of Portland, said he was speaking for 200,000 Roman Catholics in Maine in opposing the gay marriage bill.

“We support civil rights for all. But we are deeply concerned about the institution of marriage itself,” said Malone. “We are concerned about the high rate of divorce and the increasing rate of single parents. Marriage is not merely a social compact. It is to ensure that the next generation grows up in a secure, balanced environment.”

Let’s go the tape and listen to the Bishop’s testimony in its entireity- again, use headphones!

Well, it seems an earlier bulletin to parishioners issued on Palm Sunday, April 5th of this year, from Bishop Malone (page 2) really “put a bee in the bonnet” of one of his flock.

So much so, that this woman, a Catholic from Farmington, made the trip down to Augusta on Wednesday to say a few things.

Her testimony (in 2 parts) below the fold…


I have since learned that the speaker’s name is Janice- EqualityMaine has video of her public hearing testimony posted on their YouTube channel.

Janice, part 1:

Janice, part 2:

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