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Late Late Night FDL: Fifty Ways To Pull A Trigger

As we enter the final stretch of this battle for the soul of our nations health care, I am constantly reminded just how many triggers there are. Thought I would kick off a list this evening with a few of my least favorite triggers and ask you all to add yours in comments. I will add them to the post throughout the next 24 hours.

As always please do chime in with whatever may be on your mind tonight.

1. Mandates.

2. Join the Third Way.

3. Ask everyone to slow down and read the bill with a trigger in it.

4. Deny any and all working visitors access to care.

5. Hire Rahm Emmanuel as your COS.

6. Criticize the blogosphere for their lack of information and perspective.

7. High deductibles.

8. Cry tort reform.

9. Attack the czars.

10. To get better healthcare out comes America needs to get rid of its guns. (Senator Ensign)

11. Keep the gov’t hands off my Medicare!

12. Spend months courting Olympia Snowe.

13. Forget Ashley Baia.

14. Longing for bipartisanship

15. Look forward, not backward.

16. Don’t get sick.

17. Signing any bill labeled “health care reform” will be a great victory.

18. Propose a co-op.

19. Refuse the nuclear option.

20. Call Obama a fascist.

21. The Republicans have a number of good ideas worth considering.

22. Filibuster.

23. Let Harry Reid lead.

24. Use the abortion card.

25. 51 Votes in the Senate is BAD.

26. Passing a bill with Sen. Baucus’s name on it* is worth whatever compromises it takes to get it passed.
(*as opposed to any of the four bills with a public option that already passed out of committees) 

27. Negotiate with big pharma in secret.

28. Affordability tests.

29. Give States a trigger.

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