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Maine’s Bishop Malone Uses His “Bully Pulpit” To Bully His Flock

Funny how Malone has time or the nerve to ask for money, considering how many Catholic churches are closing in Maine right now. And then have the nerve to blame dwindling numbers of Catholics as to why these churches have to be sold…

Remind me again, it is Marc Mutty in charge, right?

The Roman Catholic Church in Maine continued to collect donations for the campaign against marriage equality over the weekend, aided by a recorded message from the Bishop of Portland that played during a Sunday service at one church.

Bishop Richard J. Malone prepared a recorded message heard by parishioners at St. Matthew’s Church in Hampden. He asked parishioners to do “four things,” according to the Bangor Daily News,  including to pray for “marriage as we know it,” financially support the campaign, volunteer for it, and vote yes on Question 1, the November ballot initiative to repeal the new marriage equality law.

“Same-sex marriage is a dangerous sociological experiment that many of us believe will have negative consequences for society as a whole,” said Malone in the message, according to the Bangor Daily News. “Children need the love of a mother and a father.”

THIS. Right here.

THIS is why I am asking everyone “to buy a marriage license for Maine”.

Since last night, we’ve raised $500 and I am so thrilled!  

But let’s see if we can’t raise $1000 by midnight tomorrow, the Wednesday deadline No on 1 is facing

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