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I am so sick of this crap – every day waking up to more of the anti gay industry

working to make sure our rights aren't recognized.  Various states and communities – no matter where, they constantly attack.  I'm afraid that like Roe v Wade, they are never going to stop.

The difference being that same sex rights issues hit a lot more of us every day in so many parts of our lives and livelihoods as opposed to restricting the right of some women to make a choice somewhere down the road (not trying to denigrate that, simply contrasting)

It seems most years there are new laws passed in states trying to get around Roe, there are new court challenges bought at every level – all of them looking for that one crack that will get it overturned.  I'm not aware of ballot challenges, but there may have been plenty in the years before I started paying attention.

Certainly we have to fight the battles brought, we have to fund and otherwise support the campaigns and ballot initiatives where ever they are – but I'm wondering where is a longer term strategy for us.  The only long term discussion I've seen so far is that the older, more hateful generation is dying off.  But that's not going to end this constant assault – as long as there is power and money to be made by organizing “them” against “us”, someone will and I can foresee fighting these battles for the the next 30 or more years.

I see a lot about winning (and sometimes losing) the various battles – but not much discussion on how to win the war.  What are we going to do to prevent this down the road?

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