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Trojan Evolve (includes 2 hilarious videos)

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 Trojan Evolve is, as far as I can tell, a marketing concept by Trojan to sell more condoms.They want to make using condoms seem very cool and hip, which in general is great.  Their main message (played at the end of most videos they make) is “Evolve.  Use a Condom Every Time.”  They advertise for Amplify (on the bottom left of their website), which is awesome!  

They sponsor Warped Tour, Spring Break '09, and other events that look very young and hip.  I don't know much about what these are, but check out these pictures from their Spring Break 09 event:

I'm not sure how I feel about these photos.  Trojans efforts seem to only focus on heterosexual sex and sexual health, and they seem to reinforce many traditional gender roles in some of their material (check out the above photos of the girls on the bar).  Part of me thinks that   anytime anyone tells people to use condoms it is a good thing.  Another part of me thinks that Trojan needs to be more inclusive, and that they should not hypersexualize the roles of women in the way that they do.  What do you think?  Is making condoms seem cool a good thing automatically, even if they don't do it in the most culturally competent ways?  

There is another important question I find myself asking: Is Trojan Evolve just a shameless marketing ploy, or is is a substantive and legitimate attempt to increase condom use and protect people's sexual health?   I guess, because they are a condom company, it can be both.  

On they have funny videos also aimed at making condoms seem cool.  This was my favorite:

Also, they have one called “How to make condoms suck less”

Again, I have mixed feelings about these videos.  They are sex-positive, and make using condoms seem cool, but they sometimes seem like they are shamelessly promoting a product, and using sex to sell.  What do you think?


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