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Seminal Watercooler: Americans Ready to Roll Back Reagan’s Tax Cuts?

A new poll by those natural bedfellows 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair offers some fodder for discussion.

In this month’s poll—the first in a series—we note that the populists are out in force. Or, rather, are inside and answering their phones. Of all those polled, more than half said, Yeah, sure, go right ahead and raise taxes to 50 percent or higher on the very wealthiest; 43 percent said they would consider becoming “Wal-Mart patients” (that is, they would take advantage if the chain offered basic health-care services); and, speaking of Wal-Mart, 48 percent felt that the chain “best symbolizes America today.” True, some of those people might have meant that cynically. (But only a cynic would really think that.)

What do you think – are we really ready to roll back Reagan’s tax cuts, or is this just some recession-era ephemera?

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