Ragelette (Updated: With more crazyrage!)


It’s a slow news day and Drudge is grasping at straws because wingnuts need something to HATE HATE HATE or they can’t get out of bed before 11. So today it was the Chicago Olympic Organizing Committee asking the local Fox affiliate to not run a piece detrimental to acquiring the Olympics and THIS IS CENSORSHIP!!! and THE CHICAGO WAY!!! because the organizing committee is in Chicago which is where Obama is from when he’s not from Kenya. Also. Jesus is involved. And probably ACORN.

This would not have happened under the Palin Administration.

(Update – Just like Glenn Greenwald does it): According to Gun Counter Gomer, athletes & spectators attending Obamalympics 2016 will be murdered on sight because the entire population of Chicago (made up of gangsters, Negroes, and Cubs fans) don’t want you there.

I’d be more worried about Chicago’s residents if I was an Olympic athlete or spectator.

From 2000-2008 there were 4,855 homicides in Chicago, though there have been just 285 so far this year.

So you should probably stay away or you will die. A lot.

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