225px-Huckabee-SF-CC-024.jpgOver the weekend, fundies and wingnuts gathered in St. Louis to discuss "How to Take Back America." And according to Mike Huckabee, one of ways to do this is to destroy the U.N. building.

“It’s time to get a jackhammer and to simply chip off that part of New York City,” said Huckabee, “and let it float into the East River, never to be seen again!” That remark got him a standing ovation, and Huckabee went on to suggest de-funding the U.N. entirely.

But then Huckabee backpedaled from outright destruction of the U.N. to simply moving it to sunny Riyadh.

“Let’s end the diplomatic excesses that these people enjoy,” he said. “Let any country that is willing to spend the money that the United States is hosting–let them have it. Give it to the Saudis and let these diplomats suck the sand out of the Saudi desert for a few summers and see if that’s where they’d like to go, and make their ridiculous speeches."

Now this sophomoric, wingnut radio talk-show level of U.N. bashing is red-meat for the base, but this isn’t how serious candidates for president talk. Either Huck’s trying to out-flank Palin, or he knows he can’t peel enough fundies away from her, and is just pumping up ad sales for his shitty show.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan