Hello, Claude. Where’d you get the midget?


I must say, the Permanently Aggrieved Party has certainly outdone themselves today, working up a fine Santorum-like lather because that Negro President is going to that country with the yummy butter cookies instead of staying home and bombing the shit out of those countries with the unyummy brown people.

Very impressive, this conservalchemy of turning nothing into unbridled shithouse mouse crazy.

I gather, among the manifold reasons pulled from their barn-wide asses, that these people don’t want the Olympics here is because:

A) Foreigners
B) Who come from foreign countries
C) Something to do with the Jews.


In non-Obamalympics news, Washington Post Ewok-in-residence Richard Cohen offers to enter the Thunderdome with Roman Polanski. Two little men enter and…well, two little men will exit later after a sound thrashing or nose-cutting or probably an embarrassing slap fight. Now I’m all for crazy this afternoon, and  when life gives crazy you’re supposed to make crazyade, but this…this…cannot stand:

 Polanski is a great film director — although the much-acclaimed “Chinatown” has a muddled script


Robert Towne needs to take Cohen back into the Thunderdome and slap the shit out of him, daughter-sister-daughter-sister style.

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