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Latest RW Obscenity: Smearing Murdered Census Worker as “Pedophile”

I only wish I were kidding here, folks. From JLFinch at Daily Kos and Wonkette, we find out that Dan Riehl is pulling a Peggy Noonan It-Is-Irresponsible-Not-To-Speculate smear job on a dead guy who can’t fight back:

Was Census Worker Bill Sparkman A Child Predator?

Update: Before any more people start going bonkers that I’m accusing Sparkman of anything, take a breath. … . …All I’m doing is looking at any and all possibilities. … Why strip him naked and bind and gag him, which has serious sexual overtones?

I have no idea what happened, but from the reporting I’ve seen, neither does anyone else. If he adopted a boy as a single man, or was married and split with the wife and kids, who knows. But I never assume I know a story or motive until I know it. Right now we don’t. I’m simply speculating on one possible alternative, however impolite.

Well, golly, Mr. Riehl, I’m sure Mr. Sparkman’s wife and son must really enjoy your coy little efforts to smear their tortured-to-death husband and father:

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of our co-worker," Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said in a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with William Sparkman’s son, other family and friends."

Gee, how would Dan Riehl like it if we asked, without any evidence to back up our questioning, if Dan Riehl had raped and murdered any little boys? I suspect he wouldn’t like it at all.

But of course, this isn’t the first time Riehl’s been deeply amoral and stupid in public. It isn’t even the first time this month. That’s just par for the course with him.

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