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Maine’s Charla Bansley Hates Coffee Shops, Too!

Oh, the fun one has when sick in bed nursing a cold-  you get to search Teh Intertubes! 😉

And find all kinds of keen stuff… like this, dated January 7th of this year.

VASSALBORO, Maine – Vassalboro’s planning board has approved an application for a coffee shop with topless waitresses despite opposition of most residents who showed up.

More than 50 residents showed up for Tuesday night’s meeting and most of them voiced disapproval of the idea. Ellsworth businessman Donald Crabtree plan to open the topless cafe within 30 days at the site of the former Grand View Motel on busy Route 3.

Well, it seems that among those who signed online to the Bangor Daily News’ website to comment about their story was another Ellsworth resident.

In fact, it was none other than SFMM’s latest TV actress Concerned Women of America Maine President “Maine School Teacher” Charla Bansley, who created her screen name just for this occasion!

More below the fold, including Ms. Bansley’s comments to BDN.Here’s what Charla had to say regarding the proposed coffee shop in Vassalboro:

On 1/7/09 at 8:42 PM, cbansley wrote:

Mac Daddy Pub (former business at this location) is “street” for pimp.

So now we are trading advertising the pimps for the women. Any odds whether there is prostitution in the neighborhood, or worse, human trafficking?

Some say that this business doesn’t exploit women or hurt anyone.

Try explaining that to an abused child who has been raped after their father or uncle or brother left the “coffee shop.”

Try explaining that to the devastated wife whose husband’s “coffee” habit has led to her newly acquired sexually transmitted disease.

Try explaining that to the brokenhearted dad who had dreamed of a better life for his daughter.

Try explaining that to the neighborhood residents who are sexually harassed and suffer the decline in property values due to the increase in crime.

“Not hurting anyone.” “Their choice.” “Who freaking cares?” Perhaps that is the problem.

More people need to consider the impact their choices have on other people.

Charla Bansley, Ellsworth, Maine


Using fear for the “safety of teh females and kids” as a mechanism against the establishment of a business…

Looky here, everybody- Charla is making topless straw-women and children!!!

It strikes me that she must truly hate and mistrust all men in general (does that include her husband and their three sons?), to believe any of this mess…

Let alone publicly state in one of the state’s largest newspaper that an otherwise normal man who views a woman’s breasts while having a cup of coffee will instantly turn into a depraved and dangerous sexual predator, who will rape the first underage child that accidentally wanders into his sight, and similarly attack all other females thereafter!

That same deviant, out on his raping and pillaging rampage, will contract a gazillion sexually transmitted diseases that he will then pass along to his poor unsuspecting victim wife!

And that same deviant, and countless hoards of his fellow zombie-like male deviants, will sexually harass the Grand View neighborhood’s residents and drive down property values!

Or that all of Vassalboro and the surrounding area of Augusta will become a major high crime area!

ZOMFG!!11!! Eeks!

“Protekt Teh Childrun and Wimin (TM) Time” indeed!

No wonder some still unapprehended person(s) almost murdered Crabtree and his family by committing arson in June, with this sort of thinking being spread throughout the state’s faithful as guest columns in local newspapers (this one by Mike Heath) and elsewhere.

Does anyone else think the arsonist(s) might have thought, with the words of CWA-M President Charla Bansley, CCL/ MFPC head Mike Heath and countless others buzzing in their ears, that they were “saving” the town and state with their criminal act- that the committing of a horrendous crime and endangerment of the lives of children living at the Grand View, let alone those of the surrounding communities’ various fire departments and rescue workers, were prices worth being paid?


Calling “Utter Bullsh*t” on Ms. Bansley. I know this area quite well and it is remarkably quiet and safe, as well as relatively unpopulated.

Rt #3 is a “blink and you miss it” stretch of road connecting Belfast and Augusta, with very small towns, lots of large farms and empty hay fields, rolling hills and trees, lots of pretty little houses, the occasional business, lakes and campsite. The scenery is beautiful, especeially as the leaves turn.

Frankly, it’s like alot of places in Maine and if she’s ever driven “the back way” (from Ellsworth to Bucksport to Belfast to Augusta) instead of up Rt 1 from Ellsworth to Bangor then I-95 down, she KNOWS this.

Some nearby town names of note: Freedom, Liberty, Union, Unity.

Just sayin’…

Funny that Charla, an anti-abortion rally organizer, protester, and speaker, CHOOSES to discuss CHOICES in her comment, too.

CWA of Maine State Director Charla Bansley will be speaking at Maine Right to Life’s Annual Hands Around the Capitol rally on January 13, 2007.

Mark your calendars and plan to participate in this pro-life rally and march.

This event is where we publicly recognize and mourn the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade while providing an intense impact on those who witness our march.

Another point: I’ve never heard the phrase before, even in the almost decade we lived in downtown Baltimore, and certainly there was plenty of prostitution in and around our neighborhood.

So answer me this: Where the hell did a good Christian wife, mother and school teacher like ‘Polly Pureheart’ here get wind of this phrase, “Mac Daddy”?

Could it be she heard it from… from SATAN?

But with all of these concerns about a town next door to the state capital, maybe that’s why she was busy praying for change in Maine’s legislature ago. From December 2006:

We all agree that changing Maine law with a Biblical perspective will require a change in the hearts and minds of Mainers.

Perhaps the next two years will not be known for legislative victories but a revival throughout our land. With that, we will see a different legislature in two years! Keep praying!

But unlike co-worker Maggie Gallagher, Charla likes to acknowledge her husband. Oh, and ask that people pray that he figure out the finances… that’s important, too.

CWA of Maine Records Coordinator/Webmaster (and my dearest friend, supporter, and husband) Rick Bansley is eager to add new items to our Web page.

Please send me any reports from your CWA Maine prayer chapter, letters from your encouraged legislator, or anything else that tells the story of what CWA is doing in Maine. I will forward them to CWA National for approval and pass them on to Rick to post on the State Web page.

Please pray for Rick as he seeks to better coordinate our state finances and fundraising and to update our Maine Web page.

In fact, when in doubt, just PRAY-PRAY-PRAY!!!

Considering her husband’s position at the bank, she really doesn’t have to pray too hard…

Finally, please join me in praying for one more member of CWA of Maine Steering Committee. We are looking for a CWA of Maine Prayer Chapter Coordinator. He or she will be responsible to call each prayer chapter leader once a month to encourage them, get a report on their prayer chapter, and ask if they need assistance or prayer.

Encouraging prayer for our land is the most important task of CWA Maine.

Keep praying! And when you finish, pray some more! God is moving in our land. Let’s seek what He is doing and join Him!

Please forward this to your buddy list.

I am more thankful than words can say to have you working along side me! You are truly an answer to prayer!


Charla Bansley, State Director

Concerned Women for America of Maine

Remind me again how this woman is just your average, run-of-the-mill Maine school teacher???

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