We Live In The Nightmare, Nightmare, Nightmare

Ahmadinejad says, as per below, that he is acting within the boundaries of his international obligations. Obama will give a press conference in the next half hour. Skipping many important steps in the process, Howard Berman is talking about petroleum sanctions and John Kerry opened the door for such a thing as well. "Will sanctions be enough," I hear Ed Schultz asking on MSNBC.

It’s important at moments like this to step back and realize how horrifically imperiled the world is by nuclear proliferation — not just by the nukes themselves, but what they do to rational decisionmaking, and how rapidly they raise the sort of pressure on the human mind that leads to terrible miscalculation. The only rational policy is to press — steadily, patiently and pragmatically — toward not just nonproliferation but nuclear disarmament, the path that Obama pledged in Prague.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman