It’s like Elephants on Parade, but, frankly, a whole lot more exciting.

Tonight’s edition of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show featured a little rundown of what has become part of the political zeitgeist: real accountability.

While Republicans chase the media moment with astroturfed anger that has nothing to do with progress, and the Rahm Squad chases corporate donations with backroom deals that have nothing to do with hope or change, a group of committed progressives has joined with the voters who worked so hard in the last election to make a difference. Groups like FDL Action and Accountability Now have taken the broad-based public indignation with Democrats who are all too happy to favor their corporate masters over their constituents, and focused it on some of Congress’s worst offenders.

Mike Ross represents a district where three-quarters of Democrats favor the public option being part of a health care reform package—yet Rep. Ross has worked tirelessly to keep that choice out of any House bill. Ross has taken big money from Big Insurance and PhRMA, and is under investigation for the overvalued sale of his own pharmacy business to a major pharmacy chain that was also a Ross campaign contributor.

FDL Action has started running ads in Ross’s district, and across Arkansas, asking fellow Democrats to hold their Representative (and their Senator, Blanche Lincoln) accountable to the folks members of Congress are supposed to represent—the voters. Ross’s friends in the pharmaceutical industry have now tried to counterpunch with ads of their own. Can you help FDL Action make sure that the voice that Arkansas hears is the voice of the people?

Jim Cooper, who theoretically represents Nashville in the US House of Representatives, has been working to kill real health care reform since the days of President Clinton. In a district that voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama in 2008, Cooper has been consistently to the right of his party. The people of Tennessee 5 favor a public option two to one; 80% of Democrats want it. Jim Cooper, not so much.

Rep. Cooper has taken more than $1 million from health care interests and PACs, and it shows. Now is time to show Jim Cooper that his district—and Democrats all over America—deserve better. Accountability Now is actively at work in TN-5 recruiting a Democrat who will challenge Cooper and reflect the interests of his district—and you can help.

Together, the people of Arkansas and Tennessee, and Democrats across the country, can take the system back from the corporations and moneyed interests, and give it to the people who made it clear in the 2008 election that they expected something different, something more this time around. Something that represents real change, something that will happen now.

Thanks to Rachel for keeping the focus on these efforts, and thanks to all of you for your continued support.

Again, those links:

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Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine