When was it decided that people could vote for other persons right?
it’s not even about the fact that homophobics are dening the GLBT people the right to marry, it’s more along the lines of Marriage Equality.
Since I was little I saw all the straight couples getting married, but when a homosexual, GLBT person gets married it’s Quick rush your children inside, this is disgusting.
When the reality of it is, it is not disgusting it is normal.
So I ask you this question, when did my Human right to marry the person I love, become a ballot issue?
When the christians stepped in, when the homophobes scared people into going along with them?

I am uncertain for what is to come next, but I hope that it is a good turning point for us all. To bring some kind of peace to this issue, and that peace is to allow Same-sex marriage.
For the people to decide on that issue is some what asking for trouble, for the law to vote on Same Sex marriage may also be asking for trouble.

When it comes down to the thin wire, family is not between a man and a woman, it’s between two loving spouses wether they be GLBT or straight. Marriage is not about gender and never should be addressed as such, Marriage is about two loving people sharing their love or commitment for one another.
Paige Hope



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