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Flashback: Stockton, California Elementary Students Forced to Hero-Worship George W. Bush in 2002

Pictured: The Great Leader visits school named in his honor.

Singing a song about a sitting president: Stalinist indoctrination.

Attending a school named after a sitting president: patriotism.

Stockton school officials said they believe theirs will be the first school in the nation named for the president. The White House did not respond to requests for confirmation.

To one school board member, Clem Lee, a Republican, the Bush name is an expression of patriotism.

"It was an expression of the sentiment ‘America Now’ for me," Lee said. "There’s probably some post-9/11 stuff mixed in there. We have a president who is facing really an unprecedented challenge. So my vote was informed by a culmination of all those things.

"I am the first person to admit that it might be premature to honor a sitting president," he said. "But it’s quite defensible."

It always is.

By the way, the Republican-controlled Stockton school board’s decision to brainwash their small children into thinking George W. Bush was a great man name a public school after a sitting president was, according to the WSJ, unprecedented.

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