Jim Bunning – parks in handicapped spots, too.

Kentucky’s resident amateur oncologist, Jim Bunning, is a one-man death panel these days. Primarily concerned about delaying the passage of any significant health care reform, Bunning added an amendment to the Senate Finance Committee bill that would provide the CBO with "final legislative language to determine precisely what provisions cost". The Democrats argued that this added requirement would delay a vote by at least two weeks:

"What is the rush?" Bunning demanded. "Taking a few extra weeks will not kill me, I hope, or anyone else on this committee."

Tell that to Teddy Kennedy, creep.

So all you Kentuckians who are trying to deal with life-threatening illnesses without the benefit of health insurance or access to decent health care, your Senator doesn’t give a crap about you. You’re on your own.

Moreover, it would seem Bunning was so exercised over the health care debate, he slipped into a momentary coma:

During opening remarks at the Senate Finance Committee session, the Kentucky Republican appeared fast asleep for several minutes, with his head cocked to the side and his eyes closed, before a staffer roused him. Bunning’s head was propped in his hand and his mouth was slightly open while he slept, several witnesses told HOH.

The staffer nudged his shoulder to wake him once it became clear that members of the audience had noticed the snoozing Senator (it was apparently the giggling from the crowd that tipped the staffer off).

Good thing Bunning has gold-plated health insurance so he can get that sleep apnea looked at.

Republicans. No, really. They care.



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