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SFMM/ Yes On 1 To Release New Ad

They’re having a big media teleconference about it this morning at 11am:


Stand for Marriage Maine Everything to do With Schools Ad Launch Media Advisory

Contact: Scott Fish, Communications Director, 207-458-7185,

MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 22 Christian Newswire — The following is submitted by Stand for Marriage Maine:

WHAT: Teleconference to unveil Stand For Marriage Maine’s second television ad, Everything to do with Schools, FOR CREDENTIALED MEDIA ONLY.

WHEN: 11:00 am eastern standard time

WHERE: Please call communications director, Scott Fish (207-458-7185) for dial-in information. Be prepared to provide the number from which you will dial into the teleconference. If your number does not match, you will be dropped from the call.

WHO: Stand For Marriage Maine campaign representatives, teacher and parents in the ad.


Stand for Marriage Maine will launch its second statewide television ad on September 23, 2009, directly depicting the impact on children’s education should LD 1020 become law.

Not to be a spoiler or anything…

But they already posted the video on Youtube, entitled “Everything To Do With Schools”.

Question for all of you California Blenders: do you recognize the ad?

Lemme refresh your memory:

OMFG, Schubert/Flint/NOM is cutting and pasting EXACTLY from their own Prop 8 ad!

Maybe this is what Frank Schubert meant when he said the “Maine campaign was going to be run “same as in California”…

Anyways, back to today’s ad. So just WHO is this “schoolteacher”?

Head on below the fold for the answer- FAIR WARNING- KEYBOARD ALERT!Her name is Charla Bansley and she just happens to be the President of Concerned Women Of America In Maine.

And natch, a rabid teabagger:

State Director Charla Bansley Speaks at Augusta’s July 4th Tea Party    


Good afternoon!

It is so exciting to be gathered with so many likeminded Mainers at the Taxed Enough Already TEA Party!

My name is Charla Bansley, I am state director of Concerned Women for America, I am a high school English teacher, and I have three teenage sons still at home and I am alive to tell it!

The government reminds me of my teenagers. Both like to spend other people’s money. And both will use the false premise of saving money to get their way to spend more of other people’s money.

For example, my eighteen year old is getting ready to go away to college and needs a computer. But the $800 laptop at Best Buy is not good enough. He is trying to convince his dad that he needs a $1600 laptop-and get this-it will actually “save” money. He can use his Blu-Ray laptop for all his television and movie needs-thus he won’t need a television or a DVD. He can use it for all his gaming needs-so he won’t have to take his Xbox to school (of course, in consideration of his little brothers.) With a Blu-Ray laptop, he can NetFlix all the latest movies, thus it will save him from having to go to the theatres…and on and on.

She goes on… and on… her poor kids.

When she’s not publicly humiliating her offspring, those beloved and precious fruit of her loins, she’s preaching teaching at Calvary Chapel Christian Academy in Orrington– this is right outside of Bangor, heading down the Penobscot just south of Brewer and heading towards Ellsworth.

It’s also relatively new; I grew up within 10 miles of this and never ever heard of them until now!

Note how they say NOTHING about what year they started…


We began Calvary Chapel Christian School as part of the vision and mission that God has given us. Our goal is to provide an environment that prepares students to glorify God spiritually, academically and socially. We have seen God do great things in the lives of many people as a result of this ministry. We are excited about the future and the opportunity before us.


Calvary Chapel Christian School is committed to providing a quality academic program that exceeds the admissions requirements of leading colleges and universities. This is verified by the acceptance rate of our graduates and the fact that we consistently score above the national average on standardized testing at all grade levels.

Our school is a means of serving young men and women who are dedicated to serving Jesus Christ. We want our academic program to be the best we can make it, with the intent that our students will use what they learn to serve and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.

May God bless you as you seek His guidance in making a decision concerning the education of your child/children.

How nice that rather than homeschool/ indoctrinate your kids yourself, the Christian Family (TM) can now have someone do it for you!


Cher Charo Charlo was also a featured speaker at the recent SFMM rally:

Stand For Marriage Rally

Guest speakers include:

Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council

Dr. Kenyn Cureton, VP of Church Ministries, FRC

Pastor Chris Clark, East Clairemont Baptist Church, San Diego.

Jordan Lorence, Senior Counsel, Alliance Defense Fund

Bishop Richard Malone, Portland Diocese

Charla Bansley, Concerned Women for America of Maine

Pastor Bob Emrich, Maine Jeremiah Project

Representatives from Stand For Marriage Maine

Special video message from Dr. James Dobson

DATE: Sunday, September 13th

TIME: 6 to 8:30PM

LOCATION: Augusta Civic Center

Join us as we encourage & equip one another to

Protect and Promote Marriage in Maine.

Speaking of, Chino Blanco found a YouTube of the WGME story about the rally:

(Is it just me, or does Marc Mutty really weak/ apologetic/outright lame as the supposed head of SFMM?)

While not on the tape, here is a transcription via the WGME reporter of what Charla had to say at the rally:

Below is a transcript of her (Charla Bansley) comments from the rally, which were recovered from a TV reporter who snuck into the rally:

…Public display of psychosis and we have dealt with it by redefining decency down so as to explain away and make normal what a more civilized, and ordered, and healthy society would label deviant and the result has been a stunning failure. For one every country that has legalized same sex marriage has seen marriage die and we cannot allow that to happen in the state of Maine. I am standing for marriage tonight because marriage is good for women. And marriage is good for children. And marriage is good society. Traditional marriage, or just marriage as the bishop taught us to say, is good for women physically, and emotionally, and economically, and relationally, a thirteen year study published by the American psychological association found that women, married women, who did not allow the foxes to destroy the vineyard of love had lower levels of blood pressure and blood cholesterol and lower body mass, heck just going up and down those flights of steps with all those laundry ladies that could lower the cholesterols. The study also found that married women had lower levels of depression and anxiety and anger and they found that married women had lower levels of were less likely to developed cardiovascular disease. In terms of financial security Dr. Waite a professor of sociology at the university of Chicago found that women who were in committed traditional marriages were better of generally financially. She said that financial security trickles down to medical care, safer surrounding, better food, and other things that raise the standard of living. Add to all of these the department of health and human services reports that women in healthy traditional marriages are emotionally healthier they are less likely to be victims of assault or domestic violence, they are less likely to attempt suicide, or to abuse drugs and alcohol, and they have a better relationship with their children.

Wait one damned minute: Teh Homosexshuls (TM) cause Teh High Blood Pressure(TM) and Teh High Cholesterol(TM), too? As well as Teh Obesity(TM)?

WOW. You folks are really EVUL!

Let’s go onward… I wanna know what the heck Charla is yapping about with foxes and vineyards.

Has she been drinking a tad too much wine? Read how she interprets mangles a “Dutch Study” and you decide…

2:35 Marriage is good for children. If children deserve anything it is to begin life in a relationship with a biological mom and a biological dad. A loving and compassionate society would never create motherless children or fatherless children, which is exactly what every same sex home does.

We must ask ourselves what is more important the desire for adults for recognition or the needs of children for a mom and a dad. According to a study by child trends research clearly demonstrate that family structure matters for children and the family structure that helps the most is a family headed by two biological parents in a low conflict marriage. The study concludes there is thus value for children in promoting strong stable marriages between biological parents.

3:45 Princeton university sociologist Sara McClanahan wrote ‘if we were asked to design a system to make sure a children’s basic needs were met we would probably come up to something very similar to the two parent ideal. Its always interesting when Princeton agrees with something god created.

4:00 the fact that those parents have a biological connection to those children would increase the likelihood that those parents would relate to those children and be willing to sacrifice for those children and it would reduce the likely hood that either parents would abuse those children. The interest of the child must prevail over the desire of adults.

And not only is marriage good for women, and good for children marriage is good for society. The legislature of Maine once understood this. As mar. Schubert read to us title nine of the Maine state law find that the union of one man and one woman joined in traditional monogamous marriage was of inestimable value to society that means the value of traditional marriage of one man and one woman is so great it is so valuable that it cannot even be counted or measured. And the US Supreme Court agreed. The supreme court wrote that certainly no legislation can be considered more wholesome and necessary in the founding of a free self governing commonwealth then that which seeks to establish it on the ideas of family as consisting in and springing from the union for life of one man and one woman. That is not some idea from a radical right wing organization that came straight from the US Supreme Court.

Throughout history philosophers, statesmen’s, sociologist, have agreed that marriage is the foundation of American society. And brothers and sisters you don’t have to be an engineer to know what happens when you start shaking that foundation. Before we attempt this vast social experiment we should look at the results of redefining marriage in the nine European countries, which now grant marriage rights to same sex partners.

6:26 the consequences of their choices should be a forewarning to all Mainers. And you need to tell your neighbors. A study in the Netherlands found that the average duration of a homosexual marriage was just one and a half years certainly nothing to build a society upon. The same study found that committed homosexual couples were also intimate with an average of eight extra marital partners per year this is not anti-gay rhetoric this are statistics published in Journal of the International Aids Society. England adopted same sex marriage in 2005 and in recent reports marriage has hit the lowest rate since record began one hundred and fifty years ago. In Scandinavia where full gay marriage has been the law of the land for over a decade marriage is dieing 60% of first born children in Denmark have unmarried parents. In the next seven weeks you must tell your neighbors you must tell your coworkers you must tell the folks at church you must tell your friends that you run into at the wall mart this one thing that question one is not about equality it is about protecting Maine society.

8:00For years we have sat idly by content to wag our tongues about the foxes rather then catching them and preventing them from ruining the vineyard of love. Family experimentation of no fault divorce, the sexual revolution, cohabitation, fatherless ness, have all been documented failures, harming women, and children, and society in far deeper ways then any one ever imagined. In the next seven weeks and beyond we as Mainers we as the church must covenant together to catch all the foxes, those little fox, before they ruin the vineyard of love.

Oh! Headslap! No wonder Mikey Heath quit; he’s on a foxhunt with Charla!

He’s gonna catch a fox and cut his tail off…

I love this episode…

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