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Pelosi’s Spokesman Says “Hey, Wait A Minute!” About Nixing Blue Dog Deal

Pelosi’s spokesman, Nadeam Elshami, pushed back against recent news reports that Speaker Pelosi was going to drop the deal that she had made with the Blue Dog Democrats not to have the public option be pegged to Medicare plus rates in order to be competitive. Here’s what he said below:

Pelosi spokesman Nadeam Elshami emailed us late last night to assert that no final decisions have been made on the shape of the public option: “It is inaccurate for anyone to assert that the Speaker or the Leadership has determined the form of the public option. How we move forward on the public option will continue to be discussed by the Leadership and the Caucus, which will meet on Thursday."

And as I wrote about earlier, the Democratic Caucus will be meeting on Thursday to discuss the public option. The Blue Dogs will be there to present their "co-op scam" to replace the public option, and failing that, propose a trigger on the public option as a "compromise." 

Seems like the steel in Speaker Pelosi’s backbone only lasted for all of a few seconds before it collapsed. Democrats–they’re always happy to disappoint you the next day. 

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