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What do you believe?

“You won't believe what I came home and found hanging on my door!” she shouted at me through the phone. It was only about the fourth or fifth outraged comment I had heard today about “door hangers” the local opposition is distributing with impunity across our city.

I'll spare you the ugly details but, suffice it to say; what's printed on that piece of propaganda isn't pretty and it certainly isn't true. “you're going to let them get away with this?” usually follows somewhere close in the conversation. I don't have an answer. “Yes,…I guess.” Our gay-bashing, mis-informing, truth twisting, self-rightgeous, tormented,  opponents can say whatever they like. I believe.

I believe in the values that Kalamazoo's citizens told us they believe in. Equality and fairness for all of Kalamazoo's citizens, not espescially lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, but, including lgbt persons and yes, that includes our detractors too.

The hate being spread isn't the issue. The misinformation, indeed lies being propagated aren't the issue. My own personal rage…the rage I feel when I see myself and my transgender brothers and sisters portrayed as predators isn't the issue. What's at issue is belief. In myself, in my fellow lgbt citizens and in my community.

We are running a smart campaign. We asked the community one simple question: “What kind of community do you want to live in?” The answer was clear and simple: “One that values all of it's citizens” So, we offered one simple vision: “A community that values all of it's citizens and all that they are capable of – together, cannot be detered from prosperity”.

I Believe. 

Amy Hunter

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