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Top 5 Best Indiana Gay Blogs

Indiana can be a lonely place to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, but the internet has done wonders to connect our community around the state.  When I started as a local blog in 2004, there were only three other LGBT blogs in the entire state.  Now there’s a plethora of good blogs out there for discriminating Hoosiers to choose from.

To help you find the best sites, Bilerico-Indiana has rounded up the Top 5 Best Indiana gay blogs in one easy post for you.  They’re all listed after the jump.#5 – Advance Indiana

Sure, Gary Welsh is an angry gay Republican who’s caught up in the whole “Obama is a Muslim!!” birther craziness, but it’s always a good laugh when you visit.  If you can stomach the bitterness, sometimes you’ll find tidbits of useful local political gossip.  As local political blogger Abdul Hakim Shabbaz put it, “I don’t have much use for Gary Welsh, but sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut, or vice versa.”


Main Selling Point? Reading the angry, ridiculous rants is like watching a train wreck.  You know you shouldn’t be as interested as you are, but you just can’t look away from the carnage.

Where’s the Author? Indianapolis

#4 – Bad Evan

Evan is a bitter jaded queer, but we love him anyways.  His site is chock full of Indiana LGBT news, interviews and entertainment gossip.  The design is a little cluttered, but the writing is first class.  Evan’s videos and local contests make Bad Evan a must-read-blog for Hoosier gays.


Main Selling Point? Personality. Personality. Personality.

Where’s the Author? Bloomington

#3 – Mikerzz

Mikerzz is the next door neighbor you know nothing about – until you find out he’s been documenting every stupid thing you’ve ever done on his blog.  The site is personal in nature – and not LGBT specific; he’s a gay guy who blogs about his life.  From “Mike Eats It” – a twisted series of posts that has him chowing down on some questionable delicacies – to the daily travails of the workplace, Mike’s sarcastic tone and casual style will have you coming back for more.


Main Selling Point? Absolutely hysterical smart-ass stories and comments about life at the Grocery Ranch™.

Where’s the Author? Muncie

#2 – Raannt

Raannt is about the only blog in the state that talks about drag culture with any regularity.  The gossip and entertainment site name drops local celebrities and hot spots more often than Larry Craig drops trou in airport bathrooms.  Unlike the mean-sprited gossip column from the local bar rag, Peter and Alex keep Raannt relatively positive while still leaving in the occasional zinger.

The boys will be joining the Bilerico-Indiana family soon where they’ll help balance out our award winning political coverage with queer culture and gossip posts.  As a bonus, check out Peter’s personal blog, “Thoughts from the Couch.”


Main Selling Point? Tons of Indy gossip, drag news, and entertainment reviews.

Where’s the Author? Indianapolis

#1 – Scott B Blog

Scott is one of the first Indiana gay bloggers, but he recently shut down his old site and started this one.  It focuses quite a bit on his photography (which is stunningly well done) but you’ll keep coming back for the personal quips and sarcastic stories.  The first blogger I read with regularity, Scott has that rare gift for storytelling; I envy his ability to craft a tale out of ordinary experiences.

A professional photographer, Scott shares a pic or two from a lot of his photo shoots and often answers photography questions or polls the readers for their opinions on certain shots.  He’s always looking for models and you don’t have to look like a God or Goddess to be chosen (although it never hurts, I’m sure!).


Main Selling Point? Hot naked men and spectacular stories.

Where’s the Author? Lawrence

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