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Protecting us against “Protect the Kids!”

Matt Forman recently noted (deep in the comments of this post) we're not sure how to overcome the “We must protect the kids!” meme that our opponents use when denouncing gay marriage (or domestic partnerships).

An idea came to me in the shower today. If it is worth anything Consider it my donation to the cause. I'll leave it to others to decide if it is workable and to flesh it out.

At the Reconciling Ministries Convocation I wrote about recently I heard the story of a woman who had people come up to her and say, “We've been hearing rumors about you, that you're gay.” Her response: “Whew, for a moment I thought those rumors were about something horrible.”

So in general, responding to, “We must protect the kids!” we can say “From what?” or “Why?” There are two aspects to this.

One aspect: “Why do we need to protect the kids from understanding why Megan has two mommies?” The kids probably already know about Megan's two mommies. They would appreciate knowing why.

If I remember right there was a Calif. ad about a girl who came home from school and talked about learning about how Jeff has two daddies. The mother in the ad is horrified. What if the mother simply says, “That's nice, dear.”

The other aspect: “What kind of protection is it when Jeff and Megan are denied the security of their parent's marriage?” It doesn't sound like protection, but hardship.

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