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Jim Cooper Congratulates Blue Dogs on How Much They’re Doing for the Uninsured

160px-Jim_Cooper_biopic.jpgNPR’s piece on the Blue Dogs this morning was just brutal, including this little tidbit on Mike Ross.

So far this year, the Blue Dogs’ political action committee has received $301,500 from health care and health insurance PACs. Ross, the coalition’s lead negotiator, has received $100,600 for his campaign committee and a PAC that he operates.

Ross got together with health care industry donors in June, around the same time the Blue Dogs were challenging the House bill. The event brought his campaign at least $20,000 from health care PACs.

NPR asked repeatedly to interview Ross over a two-week period. His office didn’t respond.

You can run, but you can’t hide, Mike.

But Jim Cooper takes Best in Show with this quote.

The chief impetus of this whole effort is to help the uninsured," Cooper said in an interview at the Capitol. "It’s unquestionably true in politics that powerful interests have probably a disproportionate voice, but we’re doing double back flips to help the uninsured."

How nice.

It’s a testament to just how truly corrupt these people are that they view representing the interests of the public requiring some kind of unusual, noteworthy effort.

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