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Nadler on AmericaBlog: “At Least Some of Us ARE Fighting Back” on Health Care

Jerrold Nadler has been aggressively whipping his fellow progressive Democrats to vote against any bill that doesn’t have a public option. He was over at AmericaBlog for a chat today. First question:

An_American_Karol: Congressman Nadler, thank you for answering questions for us today. With all the chatter coming out of the White House, and from some members of Congress, down-playing the Public Option, what do you honestly think its chances are of being not only included but passed in Health Care reform?

Rep. Nadler: I think the chances of the public option of being passed in health care reform are pretty good. it depends on 2 things. 1: do the Progressive and Black and Hispanic and Asian caucuses hold together and make clear that more than 40 of us — enough to bring down any bill — will vote as we have pledged against any health care bill w/o a public option. 2: does the President believe our threat and is he willing to exert some leadership on the Senate to insist on a public option. Speaker Pelosi is making clear that she will do her best to see that a strong public option passes the House.

When asked about when Democrats will stand up and start fighting, he said:

Rep. Nadler: At least some of us ARE fighting back, and in the health care fight, the public option is still very much alive only because the progressives have stood together and held our ground and said that, regardless of what the President or Leadership says, we won’t vote for any bill w/o a public option.

We know those who are refusing to fight: Xavier Becerra, Anna Eshoo and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz among others. Call other members of Congress from strong Democratic districts and ask if they’ll be among the 40 Democrats who will stand with Jerrold Nadler and fight.

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