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Belgrade Pride had to be canceled…

I just got an email from a person who is a member of a LGBT organization that I am a member.

He writes from Belgrade, “Belgrade Pride had to be canceled due to skinhead, fascist and neo-nazi nationalist factions organizing together to hunt gays in groups like packs of wild dogs and kill us. Very frightening over here…

He goes on to say, “These groups of thugs were waiting in the airport, train and bus stations and going after anyone who looked queer, foreign or had anything with a rainbow on them.

Serbia mulls ban on anti-gay extremists

(AFP) – 2 hours ago

BELGRADE – Serbia may ban political groups uttering threats against others, such as ultranationalists whose vociferous opposition led to cancelling a gay rights march, a government official said Monday.

Nationalists later hailed the cancellation saying it was a defeat for “infidels and Satanists”.

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Diana CT

Diana CT