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Cracker Barrel Bloats Me and I Want My Country Back

   If you are having stomach problems and go to Cracker Barrel don’t get something that sounds good because it will bloat you up something awful. I had the chicken and dumplings because I hadn’t had any in years and it sounded so good. I paid dearly for that last night, all bloated, and couldn’t sleep. Still, it was good and maybe next time I will be better and get to enjoy the full treatment.

  When you cannot sleep well, getting up every hour on the hour just because you can, your emotions get a wee bit screwy. I woke up this morning and after I got a little bite to eat enough to where I could take my pills and function properly, I stumbled across a music selection from way back, 1983 in fact.

  Unlike some modern country performers, Hank Williams Jr. comes to mind (this man is a fat, drunk excuse for a white man in general especially lately with the teabagger movement and all) I have never really had any objections to Waylon Jennings. For being a cocaine addict that cleaned himself up he always struck me as always being down to earth and just plain real. The one piece that he did in the early eighties was a patriotic thing called America, written by Sonny Johns.

  What always struck me as important then and especially now was how inclusive it was. The writer made sure to include ALL Americans, “and my brothers are all black and white, yellow too, and the red man is right to expect a little from you, promise and then follow through America.” Not only that Johns made sure to include something that a lot of us have forgotten or brushed aside in our currently polarized country, the fact that no matter what you may have done, in the end you will eventually be forgiven when he makes reference to draft dodgers from the Vietnam era being allowed amnesty.

   Somewhere in the years between then and now, our country has changed, and not for the better. Blacks are against whites, every other minority is out to get their fair share and they really don’t care who or what they destroy in the process to get it. The patriotism in Waylon’s version of Johns’ song is but only a fleeting ghost of itself, replaced by a segregated nationalism, depending on which side of the color spectrum you may inhabit at the time. And it’s not just about color; it transcends color to include religion, gender, and who you choose as a mate.

   Listening to the words to the song and watching the video, all I could do was cry almost uncontrollably, trying not to wake the other members of my household. I cried because that version of a peaceful country, united in its cause, is not what we have at this moment when it, we, need it the most. I want that country back; I want that united version of what we once were back.

  Only then will the beacon that is true freedom be shown to the rest of the world and that beacon will be recognized again for its true meaning and not be something that the world laughs at.    

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