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Late Night: Why Are Conservatives Angry? Because Keeping Conservatives Angry Makes Fox News Rich

There’s been lots of speculation as to why exactly the right is so very angry & grouchy & screechy lately, what with their Tea Tantrums & Clown Halling and all. Whence the ANGER? We all wanna know.

Some suspect racism, as there is all of a sudden a Black Man in the White House. And to be sure there is indeed a racial element to the Anger; Dan Riehl, for example, exhibits as much, the dope. On the other hand, John Boehner, Grand Moff Goober of the GOP, says it is Legitimate Fury at Out-of-Control-Spending. There may be less going for this theory, since if you really believe the GOP has a problem with spending, you don’t remember most of this past decade. And if you are able to remember this last decade, you didn’t enjoy it, which is only one of the reasons it was different from the 1960s.

This is not to smugly dismiss the Legitimate Concerns of Ordinary Americans of the sort who showed up at the 9/12 rallies. Hey, if you show up at a protest, you’re at least showing up at the place where democracy happens — the public square. So stand up for your beliefs, etc!

Not that this sort of consideration was ever shown to the people who showed up at the antiwar protests from way back in the dim and misty incredibly recent past. No; then, we were all told we were the dupes of ANSWER, something I myself only discovered a few weeks ago. In truth, though, very few people who showed up to protest the war knew who ANSWER was, or is. I never bothered to even Google it myself. But very many people showed up to march. Because they thought war was a stupid waste based on lies. As it was…

But then check out the linked video. Why did these people go to Washington DC? Because Fox News told them to. Otherwise, well, they’re baffled. But then FOX News employs Glenn Beck, and may be insane but is also, uh, profitable, according to the stakes FOX News is playing for, anyhow.

What nobody is saying, even though it’s really frickin’ obvious, is that FOX News has a powerful financial interest in fostering, promoting, and screeching about bizarre paranoid conspiracy theories. They make all their dough off of misinformation, faux-outrage mongering, and horseshit flinging.

A civil debate about ideas would kill FOX News. Acknowledging that a Democratic president who won an election gets a chance to govern would kill FOX News.

"Follow the money" doesn’t explain everything. Nope. It only explains 90% of everything. In terms of Fox and the Tea-Baggers, 2% of the rest is racism, and the other 8% is "stupid."

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