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Come Saturday Morning: T-Paw and Glenn Beck, Sittin’ in a Swing

pawlenty-states-rights.thumbnail.jpgIt’s been funny as hell watching Minnesota’s absentee governor getting into increasingly deep French kisses with the far right.   The latest incident involves his attempt to jump on the FOX News “Let’s Slime ACORN!” bandwagon.

Seems he told the state government last Wednesday to stop all state funding to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).  Less than two hours later, the state’s Management & Budget office informed him that Minnesota currently has no interaction with that organization — which is something you’d think a truly hands-on governor would know, especially as Pawlenty endorsed and signed an ACORN-composed anti-predatory-lending bill back in 2007.    Guess he’s too busy holding fundraisers for guys like noted archconservative Bible-banging Virginia pottymouth Bob “fucking” McDonnell.

Really, though —  we know that FOX News is beloved of the Republican base, but Smilin’ Tim ought to think twice before hitching his wagon to Glenn Beck’s sinking star.  Not only was a key part of the Beck-Hannity promoted ACORN smear just exposed as bogus, but Beck himself is an acolyte of W. Cleon Skousen, a far-right whackaloon so nutty and anti-Semitic (he held that Jewish bankers were behind Bolshevism) that most movement conservatives repudiated him decades ago.

Does T-Paw really want to be TIG-welded to these people?   Does he really think they can make him president in 2012?  Silly T-Paw.

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